‘DC Universe Online’ Releases Game Update 73, What Changed?

First off with update 73, Daybreak Games has completely revamped all stat-based numbers in game, and simultaneously rebalanced gameplay, combat, progression, and all power sets accordingly. In the above images, you can see all of the revamped sets. Daybreak was quoted saying “The overhaul makes player’s stats and skills, not just their combat ratings, determine their effectiveness in game, building a strong foundation for new systems, power sets and features in the future.”. If you’d like to learn more about these new sets, feel free to head on over to!

Along with these new changes, Daybreak is also adding a new power set to DC Universe Online! The much anticipated Water Power set will be arriving on August, 30th to be the 15th in game set! So from July, 24th to the day of release, Daybreak is once again implementing open episodes in DCUO, allowing players who do not have a Daybreak membership to experience the first 27 episode for free. These open episodes are designed to encourage everyone to play together, see the whole game, and have fun saving the world!

Don’t worry though, having a membership nets you a stack of War Bonds, and an Age of Justice base item poster, Drawn by the talented Nicola Scott!

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