DCUO Adds Armories to Bases, New Screens Detail the Change


SOE revealed that players can now have armories in their bases in DC Universe Online. Armories are more or less consumable marketplace items that allow players to toggle and save nearly every aspect of their character out in the field, or at a base. This includes the ability to change weapons, and/or load outs, as well as changing power and skill point allocations. Armories essentially give players the ability to adapt to new situations quickly through the use of new character builds.

Players can have up to 16 base armories in total (four at each base), and up to four active armories in the field. All DCUO gamers will get their first armory for free after completing a specific mission, but after that additional ones will cost anywhere from $4-$6 depending on how many are bought in a single purchase. Armories can be purchased with Station Cash on PC, Marketplace cash on the PSN, and with Loyalty Points.

To see what these armories will look like you can check out a handful of new screenshots after the break. If you want an even better look why not fire up DCUO and nab the one free armory coming to you by completing a special mission.

DC Universe Online is a free-to-play MMO for the PC, PS3, and PS4.

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