The zombie video game genre is a bit oversaturated these days, but thanks to games like Dead Alliance, it appears developers can still bring a unique gameplay experience to it. I went hands-on with the FPS at E3, and I did find its use of zombies to be unique, because rather than them only being hazards to avoid, they’re also potential offensive weaponry.

You see, Dead Alliance isn’t just about blowing away your human opponents in 4v4 multiplayer matches, which at this point is a dime-a-dozen type of video game. It’s more about using zombies to your advantage over pure FPS skill, because every zombie on the map (all AI controlled) can be used to your advantage thanks to the available tools and traps you have at your disposal. For example, players can equip a PAM grenade, which when thrown at a zombie will turn them to your side and they’ll savagely hunt down enemy players. This adds a whole new level of chaos to the FPS multiplayer formula, because on top of the frenetic shooter action against live players, you also have to contend with random undead on the map, as well as those that have been turned by enemy combatants. It’s definitely satisfying as hell to spot a group of enemies that think they’re safe and then toss a PAM grenade at nearby zombies to have them go HAM on the unsuspecting enemy soldiers. On the other hand, it’s equally as frustrating to get whacked by an enemy turned zombie from behind.

In addition to the pheromone grenades you can also use other items to influence the Zeds (the name for zombies in-game) to your benefit. These include items that attract zombies to a single location in droves, or an item that can be used to disperse zombies quickly for a defensive save. It’s clear that in Dead Alliance those who only rely on their shooting skills will not do well thanks to the importance of the zombies, and the items that you can use to have them aid your cause. So again, while the game is just a 4v4 multiplayer shooter with some single-player modes cooked in, the use of zombies as tools helps to set it apart from the crowded zombie and MP FPS genres.

Dead Alliance will have an open beta starting on July 27 that will run through August 1, so if you want to sample it before you buy it for $39.99 later in August, this is your chance. It will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 29. You can learn more about the game over at its official website.

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