Dead Island Trailer Gets the Minecraft Treatment

Well the trailer that made a huge splash last week for Deep Silver’s Dead Island has cemented its place in Pop Culture by having a fan spoof it using the Minecraft game.  Talk about making an impact!  It didn’t even take a week for the Dead Island trailer to be fandomized.  I mean fans make movies for Star Wars, Call of Duty, and other well established IP’s.  But to do one for a trailer of a videogame?  That has to at least say something about the power of the Dead Island trailer, no?  The time that went into making the Minecraft spoof of it should also speak volumes about how meaningful the DI trailer was to the creator.  This person had to drop hours on the project just for a 2 minute spoof.  That is dedication that only can come from a passion for a particular piece of Pop Culture.

If you haven’t seen the Dead Island trailer yet make sure to by following the link above before you watch the Minecraft version of it below.  I’m totally amazed at what the DI trailer has been able to do in less than a week.  Someone deserves a raise in the Deep Silver marketing department, because they look like super geniuses right now!  You’ve also just realized how huge Minecraft has become in our Pop Culture as well…


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