Dead Space 2 Hardcore Playthrough Strategy and Tips

First off, if you still haven’t played Dead Space 2 you’re totally missing out on a game that surely will make everyone’s Top 10 list for 2011.  I’m on my Zealot play through and still find myself having an extremely hard time putting down my controller, because Dead Space 2 is one of those games that grips your imagination and doesn’t let go until the credits roll.  At this point in time I’m debating on playing the Hardcore mode, so I turned to one of the baddest a*s achievement whores I know for some advice on an air tight strategy for this gaming test.  BoF as we’ll call him, managed to make it through his Dead Space 2 Hardcore play through in less than 6 hours using the strategies and tips below.  Trust me, this guy is legit when it comes to getting a 1,000 G on every game he plays, so don’t roll your eyes at his claims of Hardcore not being that difficult.

Recommended Armor and Weapon Loadout

If you really want to make this challenge easier for yourself you’ll want to buy some of the DLC packs for Dead Space 2 before you even start, because you can’t use New Game+ in Hardcore mode.  BoF suggested the following packs to buy at 400 points a piece:

  1. Supernova Pack –  in particular the Forged Engineering Suit and Forged Plasma Cutter because they give you immediate bonuses to health pack use (15% additional health from packs), damage (10% increase), and reload speed (5% increase).
  2. Martial Law Pack – in particular the Bloody Force Gun, which gives you greater alt-fire damage (5% increase) and firing speed (5% increase).

Now as far is a strategy in regards to how to utilize the weapons BoF suggested upgrading the Force Gun first and foremost.  You should shoot for getting its DMG rating up ASAP, because ultimately this thing becomes a shotgun of obliteration.  If the Necros don’t fall after the initial blast they will die from a shot of the alt-fire guaranteed.  You’ll also want to plug some power nodes into the Plasma Cutter again focusing on getting the DMG level up.  Don’t forget to upgrade your rig as well, but don’t put too much stock into upgrading your Stasis module because the Force Gun should eliminate most enemies in sight.

Recommended Inventory Management

If you buy the DLC that gives you the upgraded armor you’ll also have an ample amount of inventory storage slots, which will be key to beating this challenge.  BoF suggests carrying 4 stacks of Force Gun ammo, as well as Plasma Cutter ammo at all times.  You should only carry these two weapons because Necros typically only drop ammo for guns that are in your active inventory.  If you want, you could carry the Contact Beam as well, because its ammo can be used to gain more cash for the ammo you actually need, but you’ll also be eating up precious inventory space, so the decision is yours.  To go along with your ammo loadout you should also carry AT LEAST 4 small health packs at all times.  You can get away with smalls because of the 15% health pickup boost that your upgraded rig gives you if you bought the DLC above.  Never move on to the next area without at least getting your health in the green!

Recommended Combat Style

BoF found the most success with the Force Gun, which should be used as a kinetic shotgun.  If you have it fully loaded it should annihilate any Necros within your personal space like a nasty fart clears out the room.  If the intial blast doesn’t do it the alt-fire should take any Necro down in 2 shots.  To avoid any cheap come from behind deaths make sure to do all of your fighting with your back to the wall.  As long as your Force Gun skills are up to par you shouldn’t need an escape route, so keeping your back to a wall is safer than running and gunning any day.  Don’t forget to sprinkle in some Plasma Cutter blasts if you’re running low on Force Gun ammo, and to combat Necros at long range.  Again, never walk around without having your health in the green!

Recommended Save Points

The biggest challenge that Dead Space 2 Hardcore brings is the limited saves. You can only save 3 TIMES!  That’s total, 3 strikes and your out like those scumbag California criminals.  BoF suggested the following points to use your saves at:

  1. Before the Tormentor battle at the end of Chapter 5 – should be right after Daina pulls some shenanigans on you.  It’s not a particularly tough battle, but there’s tons of chances for cheap deaths, so if you die here you’d start all the way back at the beginning of the f*cking game!  That would warrant some ball punches and possibly some TV spitting for sure!
  2. Before the Tripod Nest battle in Chapter 9 – should be right before the warehouse section of this chapter.  Tip for beating the tripods is to blast off one leg and run around him to finish the job.
  3. Before the eye poke machine in Chapter 13

General Dead Space 2 end of game strategies

If you made your last save right before the eye poke machine you still have 2 chapters to complete before you get your 50G.  These 2 chapters you can more or less run through with the Force Gun blasting fools left and right, but make sure to stop and pick up ammo and health as it drops.  You’ll want to have as much force ammo, plasma ammo, and health packs in your slots as possible for the final boss battle!

In the final boss battle you should heavily rely on the Force gun to weaken the boss as well as blast any little b*stards that are beginning to surround you.  Once the Marker presents itself for punishment switch to the Plasma Cutter to take it out.  Once you take her down make sure to not f*ck up the very end while flying to the ship, or you’ll be starting back at Chapter 13.


There you have it.  BoF’s guide for a 5 hour run through of Dead Space 2 on hardcore.  Not everyone will be able to finish it that fast, but I think he has some solid strategies to enable you to knock this decent gaming challenge out.  Make sure you have a solid block of time to take on this task because you can only save 3 times, which means some very long sessions in between those 3 saves.  The 2 DLC packs mentioned above are almost required to complete this challenge, so step things up and spend $10 you cheap as*!  Try to focus on just using the Force Gun and Plasma Cutter as your weapons, and don’t forget to have 4 stacks of each type of ammo on you at all times.  Don’t walk around without a green health bar either.  Use the 3 save spot suggestions above to avoid having to redo long and sucky stretches, and don’t let one of the interactive cut scenes screw you over, or it may be enough to finally give you that stroke that has been brewing in your dome!

Thanks to BoF for his tips, and for pushing us gamers to achieve 1,000 G on every game that goes into our consoles!  I may not always agree with his opinions on certain games, but I definitely respect his accomplishments in gaming especially his dedication to getting full G on every game he plays.  Hopefully these tips will help you on your conquest to cheve greatness!  You’ve been wondering how the hell this guy beat Dead Space 2 Hardcore in only 5 hours…

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