3D seems to be all the rage these days.  From the success of Avatar to the release of new 3D HDTV’s it seems everything is moving towards the land of 3D.  I think 3D tech is pretty freaking sweet, but it hasn’t been perfected yet, so I’m not quite ready to jump on the home 3D bandwagon.  Until the required glasses to view 3D content are no longer a requirement I’m going to stick to watching 3D movies in the theaters.  Even that isn’t a completely dialed in experience yet.  I still found my eyes feeling like they were going to explode after watching Avatar.

It now seems that the video game arena is dabbling in the thought of high end 3D gaming.  The devs behind Dead Space said at PAX that the sequel to Dead Space, Dead Space 2, could potentially be in 3D.  I couldn’t think of a better game or game type to utilize 3D.  Dead Space falls under the horror/shooter genre in the likes of Resident Evil, except it’s set in a Sci-Fi backdrop.

What does that mean to non-gamers?  Basically, these types of games are very dark and slow moving with unexpected enemy encounters, but they are paced that way to scare the shit out of you while you play.  Dead Space does this very well and left me yearning for male depends on many occasions.

Now the devs were just speculating that Dead Space 2 could utilize 3D because the game doesn’t utilize a [slider title=”HUD”]Heads Up Display[/slider], so I guess that means it’s easier to make in 3D.  Don’t ask me, I only try to come off as intelligent, but I don’t quite know everything yet.  If you want to read more check out the link below.

You’ve been enlightened…

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