I’ve downloaded my fair share of games from the App Store over these past few months, but only a handful of them stick out as top-notch experiences.  Deadlock: Online definitely falls within the top-notch category for multiplayer shooters on both the iPhone and iPad platforms.  Deadlock is a free to download game from the App Store done by Crescent Moon Studios, and it features gameplay similar to Gun Bros., or any other dual-stick shooter such as Geometry Wars.  What so great about Deadlock: Online is the online piece of it.  It’s one of the first games that I’ve played on the iOS platform that offers a console like multiplayer experience, and to top it off it’s actually really fun.


Deadlock: Online

EB: 9/10

The Awesome: Price, Pickup and Play Gameplay, Online

The Not so Awesome: N/A


The Awesome

Pickup and Play Gameplay

Deadlock: Online features intense, fast paced, and easy to pickup gameplay, which makes for some heated battles against the 7 other human players that could be in your match.  The mechanics are simple: Move your dude with the left stick, shoot your gun with the right stick.  Outside of that brain busting combo of moves all you really have to do is avoid the other nimble little soldiers who are also spraying their weapons around like they were bullet filled sprinkler heads.

If You Have Two Working Thumbs You can Play Deadlock: Online


Deadlock offers 3 different tried and true match types such as deathmatch, TD, and capture and hold.  Teams of 4 battle it out until the other team is defeated, and after each match you have the option of earning upgrades and the like, which aren’t much different than what you might find in a game like Call of Duty (albeit on a much smaller scale).  Outside of ranking up you can also unlock new weapons (30 in all) to use in each match, so there is motivation to keep playing.  Not to mention that your stats will carry over between devices, so if you play some matches on the iPad all of your achievements and the such will also be on the iPhone version.

Deadlock Has You Covered on Unlocks

The Not so Awesome


Unlike most Internet trolls I can’t sh*t on a free game.  There’s really not much to complain about when it comes to Deadlock: Online.  Like I mentioned it’s currently free with no ads, offers pick up and play multiplayer on most iOS devices, and is a great way to kill some time when you feel like checking out of real life for a few minutes.  I’ve heard issues of crashing and connections getting dropped, but I personally haven’t experienced either of the known f*ck ups.  I mean it’s really hard to pick on a free game because they don’t cost anything to play, so I’m not even going to try the negative route with Deadlock.


Final Verdict

Overall, Deadlock: Online is a great attempt at getting the multiplayer shooter genre right on Apple’s handheld devices.  It’s free so there’s no barrier to entry outside of having to own an iOS device.  It offers easy to learn gameplay, and manages to create that sense of competition amongst gamers that usually isn’t found in the mobile space.  I give it an EB 9/10!  Head on over to this link to download it to your iOS device of choice today!  You can also check out some footage from the game below.  You’ve been given another game to help you ignore the dull moments in life…

Deadlock: Online Trailer


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