Deadrock Divide: 80s Space Action Now on Kickstarter

Deadrock Divide is the debut title from Bootsnake Games in which gamers will play a tactical role in the RPG XCOM inspired game. You will be using various weapons and tools throughout your journey in the Divide.  The main draw for people in the world of Deadrock Divide is Deadrock. The currency of sorts that is found throughout the whole galaxy.

Deadrock Divide also uses destructive environments to set itself apart, where destroying a wall is encouraged to gain access to enemies and the like. This will open up some real gameplay choices which will likely greatly alter your gameplay experience. It’s this kind of movement that will keep gamers returning to Deadrock Divide again and again.

Deadrock 1

Players will also be able to upgrade their characters meaning intense customization will be available. If you want your character tanking for the team, then go ahead, the world is your oyster! Deadrock Divide also features ‘Space Magic’ (not unlike Mass Effect) to completely change the battlefield.

Deadrock Divide is currently on Kickstarter having already achieved a little over $10,000 (at the time of writing) with a 50,000 goal. Hit up this link to find out more and back the project! Keep it locked to Entertainment Buddha for more on Deadrock Divide.


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