Deaf Gaming: How Microsoft’s Xbox One Headset Changed My Life

Multiplayer games aren’t my forte. As such, the limitless rounds of Battlefield, Call of Duty, and the like rarely grace my screen during play sessions. Thus, I’d gotten into the habit of never really using a headset for gaming. I didn’t mind not being able to speak with the strangers that adorned my computerized battlefields with slurs and insults. However, with the rise of cooperative gaming, a headset came back into view as a necessity. Games like Destiny, Evolve, and Dying Light all have strong cooperative elements built into their gameplay. Not owning a headset became a handicap.

Enter Microsoft’s Xbox One Stereo Headset.

stereoheadset2I’d never used “Gaming Headsets” before this. I had no clue that they let you hear everything. Sure, hearing enemies and teammates was a given, but being able to turn the sound of the system itself up and down was remarkable. This is supposedly a default feature in gaming headsets. This changed the way I lived my life. To completely understand why, there’s something you need to know.

I’ve been going deaf since I was five.

I recently acquired hearing aids which I hadn’t been able to afford for years due to lack of funds. Now, at 25, I’m insured and was finally able to have the appropriate tests and whatnot done to see exactly what was going on with my ears and how to fix them.

My lack of hearing aids had caused issues with people throughout my life due to my love of movies and video games. Anytime that I was consuming these forms of media; I was consuming them at a volume higher than most would like. This caused problems with roommates, family, and friends. Subtitles became my best friends. A lot of people hate subtitles though, and sometimes, if I had seen a movie or played a particular game before, I would just let them set the volume and watch the movie with no ability to hear it. Not a fun time.

stereoheadset1Upon discovering that these headsets transferred all sounds through them, I immediately went to watch a movie with the television’s sound turned all the way off. It worked. Netflix? That worked too. Everything worked. Microsoft’s gaming headset changed the way that I play games and consume media, probably even more than the Xbox One itself did. I no longer had to annoy my friends. I could enjoy a movie with great sound quality and not have to worry about forcing my friends to use subtitles. I was no longer a burden.

I am no longer a burden.

*breathes a sigh of relief*

Thanks Microsoft.

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