Death Makes His Debut in Brand New Darksiders II Trailer!

First off, if you haven’t played Darksiders yet punch yourself in the face.  Ok, now that your face is numb with pain you need to go to your local gaming store and pick up a copy of Darksiders, because you’re gonna want to play it before Darksiders II comes out.  The first trailer for the Darksiders sequel dropped yesterday, and it features the new protagonist Death.  Death is the second of the four horseman of the apocalypse who are the main characters of the Darksiders franchise.  Now that War has had his go round it’s time for Death to come save the day.  From the looks of the trailer Death may be even more bada*s than his brother War, which would be very impressive indeed.

Death Looks to Pick Up Where War Left Off

I love that the developers are introducing a whole new character to the franchise rather than just continuing on with War’s side of the story.  If Darksiders II is done right we could possibly have 2 more full games in the series to tell the tales of the other two horseman, Larry and Curly (More like Famine and Conquest but who’s keeping score).  If you like the game play of God of War, and the puzzles of Zelda, then you must give the Darksiders franchise a try.  Take a look at the Darksiders II trailer featuring Death below.  You’ve been thinking that Death looks like a roided up Skeletor…

Admit It. Death Does Look Like Skeletor Schwarzenegger!


Darksiders II Debut Trailer


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