Decide the Fate of the Next Carmine Bro in Gears 3

Who doesn’t have a soft spot for the Carmine family?  Any gamer that has played Gears of War is intimately familiar with the Carmine clan, and their horrible luck fighting for the COG forces.  Not to mention the trademark Pussy helmet that has become synonymous with the Carmines.  First, you had Anthony get whacked in Gears 1, and then you had Ben get his guts melted in in Gears 2.  This poor family just keeps giving its all to the cause, even though poor Mama Carmine has already lost 2 sons to the war.

Fear not Mama C.!  EPIC is giving your third son a chance at staying alive in 2011’s Gears of War 3.  Through a deal with Microsoft to scam us for more money, EPIC is giving gamers a vote to either kill off the 3rd Carmine brother, or spare his life.  On July 29th two new Gears of War 3 Avatar items will be available in the Avatar Marketplace.  One shirt will read “Save Carmine”, and the other will read “Carmine Must Die!”  Depending on which one you buy the newest Carmine will either buck the trend of his Bros., or suffer their same fate.

It’s an interesting promotion to say the least, but it’s too bad you have to pay for it.  I would think that this should be a free promotion to gamers, and not a paid venture.  I guess that just wouldn’t be the Microsoft way though would it?  If you’ve got MS points coming out your bunghole, and want to make your voice heard, don’t forget to pick up your GOW 3 Carmine Tee on 7/29.  You’ve been tricked into buying more crap…

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