“Dedicated Execution”: Making Gears of War 3 Vid Gave Me Chills!

A new making of featurette for Epic Games’ Gears of War 3 has landed, and I got goosebumps while watching it as if someone was tickling my nuts with a feather.  “Dedicated Execution” features some never-before-seen footage from Gears 3, as well as some pep talks by Rod, Cliff, and Lee who are the main forces behind the GOW franchise.

If you’ve been having any second thoughts about returning to the Gears Universe after the sequel kind of made it suck, then you have to watch this video.  You can really see that the creative forces at Epic took all of our b*tching to heart, because they’re more than dedicated when it comes to fixing the mistakes from Gears of War 2.

I must say that this new footage really showcases how wonderfully executed Gears of War 3 is.  The graphics are more vivid than other, and the new combat animations make curb stomping look like a love tap from your foe.  I really dig what Epic was saying in this video.  In fact, my favorite line came from Lee Perry when he said, “Gears 3 is going to play like Gears 3” in reference to fans and the media asking how the new installment will play.  That shows that Gears 3 has almost been re-built to mix in the best parts of the previous titles while establishing an identity of its own.

If you’ve been waiting for this game ever since you played that first sh*tbag buggy Gears 2 MP match, then you have to watch this new making-of piece below.  It should make die hard Gears fans get even bigger chubs for next Monday’s beta, and if you have a feminine side it may even bring a wave of nostalgia over you that will bring tears to your eyes, and goosebumps to your skin.  Get your Gears 3 fix now!  You got all excited over the Bulletstorm update that unlocked the Gears 3 beta menu, only to realize that the Gears 3 beta wasn’t truly unlocked…

Dedicated Execution: Making of Gears of War 2

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