Demon’s Age is a new dark fantasy RPG game in the works by the people over at BigMoon Entertainment. As a long time RPG player myself, I was very excited to add another fantasy oriented RPG to my list of ones that I’ve played. The time that I spent with Demon’s Age was a time well spent. The introduction to the game was played out in drawn out pieces of art with dialogue attached to them. After all was said and done, all the potential heroes that were able to be selected were prisoners on a ship forced to row the boat. You then get to select which class/gender you get to be via the different prisoners. Following my traditional RPG standards I decided to choose the magic user in the game and after another set of story dialogues and off to the game itself.

You are dropped on the shore of an unknown land with a dying fellow prisoner with you. Immediately I took notice to the graphics of the game as well as taking into consideration of how early the build was. For another top down fantasy RPG the graphics were actually not that bad. Movement in the game, from what I was able to do, could be done either on the keyboard and mouse or using a game-pad. The game-pad functionality wouldn’t work for me, which was fine because the keyboard and mouse controls worked for me very well. The UI was pretty simple to get used to and almost immediately I felt at home with how the game controlled. Before my first combat encounter, Demon’s Age gave me some pieces of armor, which changed on my character with each piece that I equipped. With club in hand my character ran into a band of, “fish,” creatures. This is where I was met with strife.

When you enter combat in Demon’s Age, the board turns into a hex based, turn based strategy battle. The combat was slow moving and a little bulky to me. The battle system seemed to be based on random dice rolls that went on behind the scenes, my character missed attacks more often than not. My mage had a couple of spell casting moves and regular attack option, none of which really felt that they had any weight behind them and animations were alright at best. Now here is where it all fell off. Something happened with the game but the fish creatures kept restoring their health, even when I saved the game in the middle of the fight.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it past this fight due to some sort of technical errors. What I was able to play of the game does have me excited for the full release of the game and with a few changes, the people over at BigMoon Entertainment have a sleeper hit on their hands!


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