Destiny 2′s Breakthrough mode, which is actually fairly interesting in and of itself, is now live on all platforms. Both teams have to fight for control of a central point and capture it, then use it to hack the enemy base. It’s essentially a very elaborate tug-of-war mode, and seems legitimately interesting on paper, but I feel like it might not hold it’s luster very long.

Destiny 2 and the whole franchise in general has been a total mess behind the scenes up to this point. They couldn’t even get Nathan Fillion to voice his character in the Forsaken DLC, which is absolutely bananas, because Cayde-6 was the only likable character in the series. The fact that they couldn’t even get him back for this was baffling to me, and I feel like they’re throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks now. Destiny 3 needs about two extra years of baking time before they release it to make it something worthwhile. They put the best mission at the beginning of Destiny 2 to make it seem like it was going to be much better than the first game, and then the rest of the game was boring as all hell.

But enough about that, check out the screenshots below and let us know if you’ll be playing it!

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