The official Destiny 2 companion app is a solid solution for managing your gear and joining and leaving clans, but it doesn’t do a great job of providing tools for gamers in clans to make managing their activities more simple. Rather than using separate chat apps, or calendars to coordinate raids and nightfall runs, Destiny 2 clan members can now use the BAND app to keep on top of their clan activities with ease.

You can learn more on how BAND can improve your Destiny 2 clan management activities below via the official press release. The app is free on Google Play and Apple’s AppStore.

With Destiny 2 having already launched on consoles and the soon-to-come PC version slotted for a October 24th, it’s inevitable that Bungie will be attracting older players back to the elaborate universe that is Destiny, as well as newer players trying out the game for the first time. With the introduction of Bungie’s new clan system for Destiny 2, clans will continue to become more active as the game goes through its full release. Clans will need a way to stay connected with their members, as communication through Destiny 2 is limited in many ways.

While the Destiny 2 Companion app really does a great job in helping users manage their character and stay updated on news, Companion isn’t really an app that can help clans in the long run as an organizational tool.

Enter BAND.

Companion helps when it comes to joining/leaving clans and chatting but BAND  is there for the “after” portion of Companion. After you’re done joining, what then? BAND is the place where clans go to organize events, schedule, communicate and announce important clan information. BAND is two-way communication tool rather than an app that sends info. BAND lets players create and strengthen the relationships between their clan members.

BAND also has over 1,000 public Destiny communities and even more private Destiny Bands. The main Destiny Band has over 6,000 users who communicate all day and all night.

Destiny clans use BAND a few ways:

  • Calendar — Set up raid scheduling, events, clan training and more with the calendar and RSVP feature. Each event can be posted on the wall and shared as an important notice for those time sensitive raid schedules
  • Board + Notices — Share important information, news, photos with your clan. Create a notice and notify your members with important updates! See who reads each notice and keep every member accountable
  • Text Chat — Create separate chat rooms for general discussion, fireteam lfgs, console discussion and other games
  • Discovery — Through the Destiny “Discover” tab, clans are becoming more noticeable. The groups displayed under each category are ranked higher by activeness, so active clans will have their group “bumped” up the list

For more information on how clans are using BAND, click HERE

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