Destiny 2 has consumed my limited gaming time thanks to the fact that it’s pretty damn great, and that the experience so far is as addicting as it gets. I’m sure some of my infatuation with Destiny 2 is rooted in the fact that it’s brand new and I still have plenty to explore and multiple levels to gain, but so far — at least five hours in — I find myself dreaming of returning to its world while trying to be a productive human in life. It’s a struggle, but a sign of a high quality gaming experience, so to me Bungie has really stepped up its game with this sequel.

As time permits I plan to keep a Destiny 2 video diary of my exploits and discoveries as I continue my adventure in the game. These won’t be long videos, they’ll just be short highlight clips, or embarrassing feats of fail that I pulled off while playing the previous day. I’m not doing this to show off my skill, because I don’t really have any. I’m mostly doing it because I want others who may not be playing the game to see how much fun can be had during an evening with it.

In the first Destiny 2 Diary video I explore the EDZ and pull off some cool looking kills, while also pulling off a completely idiotic attack against a Fallen solider behind bulletproof glass. There’s also a brief look at a Public Event in which myself and a host of random Guardians got nasty with.

I’m sure some of those who watch these will focus on my skills only, so feel free to make smart ass comments, I can handle it. As long as you realize the fun factor of Destiny 2 while watching my diaries that’s all that matters. You can check out the first part of the diary below.


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