The Destiny beta has come and gone, so what is the gaming world to do with itself now? Well, how about checking out a split screen video comparison of the Destiny beta running on the Xbox One and PS4? Just what the doctor ordered? I thought so.

Before checking out the video I just want to offer a few notes on it for reference. The Xbox One footage was captured using the built-in Game DVR app, so the footage is as native looking as possible for that console. A capture card wasn’t used to pull the footage to ensure that the quality was as close as possible to the resolution output of the PS4’s built-in DVR system for a fair comparison. The Xbox One footage was pulled into iMovie using One Drive to further ensure that the video is as close as possible in terms of encoding and resolution to the PS4 version, which was pulled from Facebook, and not a USB drive, and added to iMovie for processing.

Considering that the Xbox One can only record five minutes of footage at a time there are some syncing issues during the heavy gun fight sections of the Destiny beta, but overall the comparison is pretty solid and synced tightly during cutscenes. The video definitely offers up some noticeable differences between the two console’s graphical powers, with the Xbox One offering a much lighter color palette, and the PS4 having much darker blacks and vibrant tones overall. It should be noted that the Xbox One version of the Destiny beta wasn’t running in 1080p, which definitely gives the PS4 version a bit of an edge.

You can check out the Destiny beta split screen video comparison above. Let us know what you think, and if the graphical difference is enough to convince you to buy the game for a particular platform or not. Personally, while actually playing the beta I felt that the graphical differences were fairly negligible, but I do prefer the way it looks on the PS4. With that being said I’m still undecided on which console to get the full game for. Isn’t life tough for us gamers?


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