Destiny FPS

Destiny FPS

Bungie’s upcoming title Destiny has been shrouded in mystery since screenshots leaked to the public and caused hysteria among gamers. We finally got our first real look at Destiny last night and it looks like the hype was justified.

Combining elements from games such as Mass Effect, Call of Duty, and BorderlandsDestiny showed off a mix of crushing biotic power and tight gunplay to the delight of everyone watching Sony’s E3 presser. The commentary from the Bungie team playing was a little corny to say the least, but the product at hand was more than enough to make up for the cringe worthy comments.

One thing that set this game apart from the previously mentioned titles was the MMO style aspects that were featured, namely the “Public Event” that took place towards the end of the gameplay video. The event was reminiscent of titles like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2, where living breathing communities take part in sporadically triggered events all the time. The inclusion of this event was an indication that the game is in an open world setting, and that Bungie is taking advantage of next gen hardware to deliver a compelling experience not previously possible on consoles.

Feast your eyes on the goodness from Bungie below.

Destiny Gameplay Walkthrough Campaign Playstation 4 Xbox One (E3 2013)

Official Destiny E3 Gameplay Trailer

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