Destiny Revealed Weekly Rituals for Age of Triumph

The Bungie live stream for the weekly rituals came and went like yesterday’s news. If you missed the stream in all its glory don’t worry about it, because the archived stream is now on YouTube. Some of you might be wondering why the hell would Bungie still devote this much time into Destiny 1 if nothing will carry over to Destiny 2. Bungie is doing this because it is their way of saying thank you to everyone that stuck around.

This is a big deal for long time fans of the Destiny because what better way to go out than by going back to the beginning. We already know that Crota, Vault of Glass, and King’s Fall will be coming back at light level 390 and each one will feature weekly challenges to obtain some pretty dope loot.

During this reveal we learned that there will be a weekly story playlist and new treasure boxes that will contain armor for previous special events. So if you missed out on The Dawning, this will be your change to obtain that armor set that will not cary over to Destiny 2. Also, once a month you will be given a Daybreak strike. What is Daybreak? That’s when your super will charge very quickly to unleash the total mayhem on the enemies.

The first Daybreak strike will be live on March 28th for the Nightfall. There will also be a short period in the Summer where Daybreak will be available for a few weeks. Personally, I am really excited to get back to raids and story missions because so much has happened in the Destiny universe that it can be easy to forget how it all started.

Check out the archived stream above to get more information on all the other things coming to Destiny on March 28th.

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