Destiny, despite many mishaps, hiccups, crushed dreams, questionable deals with Red Bull, and Hitler being reincarnated as the Cryptarch, has been very successful with many gamers. It has gotten much better since it originally came out, and has developed a huge fan base, bringing their own personal art, such as live action parodies of the game, drawings, cosplayers, and props.

Bungie, in a thank you to the loyal fans of its latest success, has put together a massive 31 minute compilation of as much fan-made stuff as they could get their hands on and put it out for the world to see that they really do appreciate us. Perhaps they just could’ve done a bit better with, you know, releasing a complete game, instead of the repetitive grind-fest that we got last year, but I digress. Destiny has matured since it came out  and has become an extremely popular shooter across the globe, so kick back, relax, and check out Destiny: Year One, maybe get a little choked up, eat some pizza, feel better, and cry a little more. It’s okay, I won’t judge.


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