Destiny’s House of Wolves Is Going To Be a Real Game Changer

When Destiny first came out last September, I, along with many other players, felt like they got cheated out of what they were promised. Bungie had seemingly promised a Skyrim-sized MMO with highly customizable equipment, awesome alien factions, and guns both big and small to blow away your enemies with. Not only that, but tons of cool races, classes, and skills, and basically, it seemed like it was gonna be the next best thing after Halo, fittingly so.

Now, that’s not to say that we didn’t get some of that stuff, and I definitely had some fun with the game when it first came out, but god almighty, I was dead bored with it after just a month. The Dark Below DLC helped when that came out, playing some new story missions and getting some cool looking new weapons was cool! However, a few new guns and even fewer new areas, I mean, come on, it brought nothing really new, just some new crap to do. House of Wolves, however, is WAY better and so much bigger than the Dark Below was, adding the Reef social area, making it feel like there’s more to explore. Being able to choose where I want to go to do my inbetween mission stuff is cool, being able to meet my friends in a new locale is REALLY COOL and it makes the game feel more like an MMO.

Of course, there will be new guns and armor, all of which I’m sure will look awesome and have some sweet extra abilities and whatnot. Not only that, but the way you upgrade them and treat them will now work a little differently. Some weapons will allow you to “Ascend” them, which takes a lot of material, but increases a weapon’s attack power to the maximum allowable, and any armor piece’s defense to maximum, which means if you like the random stat boosts a weapon provides, you can hang on to it for a long time now! No need to bother farming for some other weapon just because its attack is higher, the one you have right now will work just fine. Now, let’s say you don’t like the random abilities a weapon has, you can “reforge” it, mixing up what abilities it gives you, and allowing you to find a weapon that’s just perfect for your play style.

All of this new stuff added together sounds like a recipe to get a lot of players back into the game, I know I’ll definitely be buying the DLC and getting back into it, because I think this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for in the game. I can’t wait to see more details on it, and I can’t wait for it to finally come out, I’m super pumped, and I hope a lot of other players get back into it so I have someone to play with, because all of my friends gave up on it even faster than I did.

Let’s give Destiny another chance, I say, maybe it’s finally gonna be what we always wanted it to be, it sucks that we have to pay for what seems like something that should have shipped with it, but I’m willing to give Bungie a little more money out of respect for the years I spent playing Halo.


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