Detailed Analysis of the Major Moments From ‘The Last Jedi’ D23 Footage

At D23 Disney and Lucasfilm released a behind-the-scenes sizzle reel for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which is awesome and mandatory viewing for this post. To that above now if you haven’t seen the footage yet, then proceed below.

I’ve taken a batch of screenshots of the more interesting bits of footage shown in the D23 reel and have provided an analysis of what may be going on, or who the particular character/alien we may be looking at. Most of what I’m going to pull out of my wazoo is speculative, but when I know something to be factual I’ll note it under the screenshot. Proceed with caution, because in the off chance that a few of my speculations are correct, I don’t want to spoil the fun for you when Star Wars: The Last Jedi launches this December if you want a spoiler-free viewing.

Head on down below to get the Star Wars: The Last Jedi behind-the-scenes footage breakdown party started!

One of the first shots of note looks to be in some sort of cave. This could be the cave we’ve seen Luke in during the first trailer. What’s interesting are the hanging fixtures, which could be part of the set for lighting, or something biological in nature.

The next shot we see is of Skellig Michael, in particular these dome-like structures. They may serve as Luke’s dwelling, or part of the first Jedi temple, which we know to be on the island of Ahch-to where he is residing.

Here we see a collection of speeders. They seem somewhat refined looking, so they may be First Order in nature, or possibly part of what remains of the New Republic worlds.

This is a great filmmaking shot if anything else. It appears to be from the same planet that we saw in the trailer with the First Order AT-ATs and those speeders racing towards them. Gotta love the practical effects!

Here we get to see a great shot of Daisy Ridley as Rey. Notice her new hairstyle. She still appears to be wearing the same clothes from the end of The Force Awakens though, so this is probably from an early scene in the movie.

Here’s a great shot of the Falcon on the Ahch-to. You can even see Chewie sitting by a fire he’s created while he more than likely waits for Rey. It is odd that he wouldn’t at least and go say hi to Luke yet, maybe he’s a bit angry at him for disappearing and not being around to possibly prevent Han’s death.

Here we see Finn with either a new haircut, or a scar from his fight with Kylo. What’s more interesting though is that he’s clearly wearing an X-Wing Pilot suit, so we may see Finn get behind the yokes, which would be radical.

In this shot we can see Luke’s cave, Luke himself, and Rian Johnson, the film’s director. The cave is much bigger than what has been previously shown.

A very troubled looking General Leia is featured in this shot. She seems saddened or concerned. It also looks like she may be on the red sand planet based on the background of the shot.

Here we can see Rey finally handing over the Skywalker family lightsaber to Luke. This will more than likely be one of the first shots shown in The Last Jedi.

We got a full look at the new Kylo Ren costume, which mostly resembles his original except he now has a cape like Vader versus his tattered hooded robe. Note that he’s still wearing his helmet, which we know at some point gets smashed to space dust.

Here we can see a Resistance hanger, most likely the one we see get blown up in the first trailer. It looks like the Resistance is using A-Wings, but they’re going to get blown up just like Poe’s standout X-Wing.

Based on this shot it looks like these will be a new type of First Order Trooper. Note the black shoulder pauldrons and those gnarly looking staffs. Maybe they’re some sort of elite unit, either way I dig the new armor.

The next few shots feature practically built aliens. The crystalized wolf is notably badass.

This shot confirms that Man Kanata will be in The Last Jedi. To what capacity is still unknown, so hopefully she’ll at least tell the tale of how she came in possession of Luke’s lightsaber.

In this shot it appears Laura Dern’s Vice Admiral Holdo who appears to be talking to General Leia.

This is a great BTS shot of a moment we saw in the first trailer of Rey running feverishly towards or away from something with her lightsaber ignited.

Phasma definitely survived the trash compactor, and her armor is shinier than ever!

In the next shot we get a great look at Kylo’s scar, which Rey graciously gave him during their epic duel.

This shot presents a clear look at Luke’s The Last Jedi costume, which is all brown versus the more traditional Jedi garb we saw him in for The Force Awakens.

It’s Finn, in his bacta tank, and it’s opening. This could be his official awakening moment in the film.

Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose character is revealed in this shot. She appears to be in mechanics gear, so she is a grease monkey for the Resistance.

Here we see Benicio Del Toro’s “DJ”. Note his odd little hat, but more importantly note which droid he is with. That’s definitely BB-8, so possibly “DJ” gets mixed up with Poe in The Last Jedi?

Adam Driver duels with stunt performers in this shot. The interesting question this shot provides though is who is he fighting? Could this be a potential flashback moment of him taking down his Uncle’s order? Or is he battling Resistance soldiers with staffs that are lightsaber proof? Either way we’re going to see Ren in action.

This appears to be a First Order pimp mobile, or at least General Hux’s ride.

Like Kylo it appears that Rey will be throwing down with people that either use lightsabers, or weapons that can defend against them. This could possibly be from the rumored Knights of Ren attack on Ahch-to, or possibly from the film’s climax. Notice how she is defending against three strikes with just one arm. She’s a Force boss!

Yet another alien from the film. You have to love the practical costumes being used in this movie.

Here is a Porg, which are the Force-sensitive animals living with Luke on Ahch-to. They definitely do look like owl-penguins. They also appear to be practical and not digital characters.

Either Finn gets caught and locked up by someone, or he’s trying to break into a secure area in this shot.

Finn and Rose apparently are paying homage to Jyn and Cassian with their First Order disguises. Looks like these two are going in deep during their undercover work together.

The many masks of Ren.

This has to be from a scene shot on Canto Bight, which we know to be a casino planet. Once again you have to appreciate all of the costumes and actors that aren’t fully CGI.

Porg take 2, and they’re definitely animatronics, and not CGI characters.

Based on this shot it looks like the Resistance will inflict some hell upon the First Order in The Last Jedi.

So there are a few things interesting about this shot. The first being Rey’s new costume, which looks to be part Jakku Rey and part Force user Rey. Could the grey coloring hint at her Grey Jediness, or is it just coincidence. Also, notice the snow, so this probably isn’t Ahch-to anymore. The fact that Finn is with her is interesting too, so they will definitely be teaming up once again. That or Boyega snuck on set to dance with his buddy Daisy in between takes.

Rey in her Force user getup. I hesitate to call this a Jedi robe since we know Luke isn’t all about the Jedi order these days, but Rey is definitely buying into their style if anything else.

It’s a Wrap! Ackbar is confirmed to be in The Last Jedi.


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