Details Released For a Few of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Deleted Scenes

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is hitting Digital HD on March 13th, and Blu-ray/4K UHD on March 27th, and as previously reported, it will have 14 deleted scenes. That’s a pretty hefty amount of deleted scenes, and the number of them makes me wish we were getting a Director’s cut, but that will never see the day because Disney is mean.

Anyway, Entertainment Weekly got a preview of a few of the deleted scenes, and they offered up a few details about them in a recent article. The deleted scenes EW covers are:

  • BB-8 Reveals Rey’s Goodbye
  • Rey and the Raiders of the Caretaker Village
  • Luke In Mourning
  • The Supremacy Infiltration
  • A Different Phasma Showdown

So let’s take a look at each one to see what they entail.

BB-8’s Rey Reveal

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Apparently BB-8 likes to record his human buddies, because in this deleted scene he plays back Rey’s goodbye to Finn at the end of The Force Awakens. According to Johnson the scene was shot to remind fans that Rey and Finn are homies, but it got cut for pacing reasons. BB-8 shows Finn this recording as he ponders his future with the Resistance, probably in an effort to remind him that Rey is doing just that.

Rey and the Raiders

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This deleted scene has been teased before as Rey’s third lesson, but thanks to a new revelation from Johnson, it’s actually not. This scene features Luke creating a projection of the Caretaker’s village being raided. Apparently he does so to show to Rey that a Jedi wouldn’t intervene. He tells Rey that if she beats them back they will only return in a week’s time with an even greater force, so would Rey be there to save them again? He explains that a Jedi would not want to make things in the future worse for the caretakers, so they wouldn’t intervene, so did she really want to be a Jedi.

Of course Rey rushes in and learns that it was a trick, which apparently was supposed to be the last straw with her and getting Luke to help. She was supposed to be on her way to leaving Luke after this trick, but Johnson pulled it out to make Luke’s eventual discovery of her and Kylo feel more impactful. He’s right, because the way it plays out it feels like Luke and Rey are actually on the same plain before he finds her dabbling with Ren, which sends him into a tizzy and leads to her departure.

Apparently, the third lesson was never shown, or that fans can come up with it on their own, but Johnson also mentioned that the lesson may be tackled in Episode IX.

Luke In Mourning

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In this deleted scene we were going to get a bit of a connection between Luke and Leia as they mourn Han’s death. This scene would have taken place right after Luke learns that Han died at the hands of Kylo Ren, but rather than just cutting into Luke’s daily routine on the island, the scene would have shown Luke returning to his hut and staring off into the distance with a very sad look. At the same time it would have cut to Leia doing the same, so it would have been a nod to the big three from the original trilogy.

It sounds like a fantastic scene, so it sucks that it had to be cut, but like most of these it was weeded out to make the film we saw feel more coherent, so I’m sure Rian made the right choice. That is unless you hated the film and now his guts, so for you I’m sure most of these deleted scenes make you even angrier.

Supremacy Infiltration

Apparently Finn was going to be spotted by an old First Order Trooper squadmate when he, Rose, DJ, and BB-8 infiltrated the Supremacy. While in an elevator this Trooper confronts Finn and asks him where he’s been, and how he got promoted to an officer already. It sounds like it was going to be a comedic scene, but it was cut in favor of keeping the fast moving pace at that point in the story.

This scene also reveals to Finn that the First Order covered up his defection and role in blowing up Starkiller base, since the Trooper didn’t immediately take him out when seeing him.

Different Phasma Showdown

The whole Finn versus Phasma battle was supposed to go down much differently than what we saw. Instead of Finn getting the upper-hand and taking her out, Phasma had him beat and surrounded by Troopers. While surrounded though, Finn calls out Phasma for her betrayal on Starkiller Base for giving up the shield codes. The Troopers around her begin to look uneasy at her as she shows fear through her cracked mask, and before they know it she starts blasting them. She then turns her focus back on Finn, but she in turn gets blasted in the back.

Like the other deleted scenes, this one was wiped for pacing. It showed a much more definitive death for Phasma, but now with the death we got there is room for her to come back. If you don’t see a character dead, they’re never dead in pop culture.


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