Detroit Tigers’ Pitcher Got Boned. Bring On Robot Umps!

Last night Armando Galarraga, of the Detroit Tigers, was robbed of a perfect game after the 1st base umpire blatantly blew a call.  Talk about a punch in the nuts!  I mean this wasn’t in the 7th or 8th inning, it was the on the 2nd out of the 9th inning!  I think it’s time to bring on some bots and get rid of the human error probability.  If I was Armando I would’ve suplexed Jim Joyce and then pile-drived his head into first base.  I guess that’s why they don’t let me out of my cage very often.

I guess Bud Selig is looking over the case and “may” overturn the call and rightfully reward Galarraga with his perfect game, but at this point the moment is ruined.  Even if the call gets overturned the feat will still be tarnished due to the fact that it required the commish to intervene.  I doubt it’ll get rectified, so I feel bad for the Tigers and Galarraga.  Talk about taking one in the pooper.  Check out some commentary and video of the blown call below.  You’ve been hosed by a stupid human.

D’oh!  Safe as can be dummy!

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