Detroit’s RoboCop Statue Nears Completion, Criminals Cower in Fear

New York city has the Statue of Liberty, Florence has David, Rio de Janiero has Christ the Redeemer, and Detroit is a year away from having the greatest statue of them all – a 10 foot tall, bronze RoboCop.

For those unaware, in 2011 the city of Detroit took to Kickstarter to fund a massive statue of the city’s beloved crime fighting cyborg, RoboCop. While the statue is still a ways off from completion, the pictures show just how amazing the project is shaping up to be. The statue has yet to be bronzed, but the figure shows some truly remarkable detail.

Upon completion, the RoboCop statue will be placed in Detroit. The towering statue will serve as a reminder to would-be criminals that RoboCop is watching. The “your move, creep” expression on RoboCop’s face says it all.



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