Devolver Digital Announces Paradise Never, an Action RPG

Devolver Digital have today announced Paradise Never, an action RPG with a unique twist.

Developed by Kitty Lambda Games, Paradise Never throws players into the midst of a revolution. Set on a French island colony in the year 2027, Paradise Never will allow players to relive the same three days over and over again in an attempt to free the nation from its oppressive rulers.

More information regarding Paradise Never from the official press release can be found below:

Paradise Never uses a sophisticated NPC behavioral system, a complex object interaction mechanic, and a tropical paradise that regenerates with each three day cycle to create a living, breathing world bustling with activity with or without your direct intervention. Talk to NPCs at different times in different circumstances to better understand their motivations and gain the knowledge you need to save them all. Strike down your opposition with your battle-ready electric guitar or outfit your boat with new cannons to take the battle to the open seas – but keep the casualties down or the goddess will reset the time loop and you’ll restart your quest.

Devolver Digital will be showing Paradise Never at PAX East 2015.


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