Devolver’s Observation Coming to Epic Store and PS4

Observation looks like a callback to the days of Night Trap, but if it were actually scary. It takes place on a derelict space station orbiting… some planet, possibly Saturn, or possibly some fake planet. Dr. Emma Fisher is alone on the space station, which has an AI called S.A.M., which is controlled by you.

Rather than actually playing as the character, you control the various cameras and mechanisms of the space station. You do this in order to help Emma progress and discover what exactly happened to the crew. At this point I’m not sure exactly why Emma isn’t aware of what happened, if she’s part of a rescue crew (a la Dead Space), or was incapacitated while things went down.

Unrelated to the actual game, Devolver has made the choice to release this game on the Epic Games Store. I was floored by the negative reviews on the video until l realized why it had all of them, people are not very happy with Devolver over this. I think that the game will be pretty cool by itself, but it remains to be seen if this choice will negatively impact sales for the game. Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think about the choice to slap it on the Epic Store!

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