Diablo 3 Plagued by Launch Day Bugs: Error 37 and 3006 Top the List

I would like to say that I didn’t see all of these Diablo 3 launch day bugs and issues coming from a mile away, but I’d be a liar.  Let’s face it, in this generation of high-end games that rely on network functionality are all plagued by issues when they launch.  It’s a sad state of affairs in the gaming industry, but I think it’s unfortunately here to stay.  It shouldn’t be news to you that Diablo 3 launched earlier this morning all around the globe, but it may be news to you that most of the gamers wanting to play D3 didn’t get to do so because of two nasty error messages.

The first error screwing D3 gamers over is “Error 37”, which prevents gamers from connecting to the servers to play the game.  You see, D3 is an “always-on” network game, which means that you must have a connection to the Internet even if you just want to play solo.  Essentially, the mad rush of gamers trying to play Diablo 3 earlier this morning crushed Blizzard’s servers to the point where no new connections could be made.  I just hope the powers at be over at Blizzard have their IT forces on high alert to help lessen some of the server capacity issues.

If “Error 37” isn’t bad enough, some D3 gamers came across a game ending bug with an unstoppable “3006” error, which effectively blocked them from ever being able to log into with their account again.  To avoid this Blizzard is advising gamers to not give the Templar any equipment until he joins your party, or to avoid giving him any gear at all for the time being.  Supposedly the Demon Hunter class is experiencing this more than others, so just be wary of giving the Templar any items for the time being, or at least wait until he officially joins your party.

It’s unfortunate that we have to be warned about how no to play a brand new game, but that’s the state of triple-A game development these days.  You’d think game devs would ramp up their QA testing knowing that massively popular games like D3 could be ruined by crippling bugs, but I guess it’s hard to plan for the millions of different users and hardware that will be used to play their game.  All we can ask is that Blizzard stays on top of these bugs and gets them cleaned up in a timely fashion.  You’ve been wishing you could just play a game the way it was meant to be played on its launch day…


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