Did You Know That Unicorns Shoot Rainbows of Death out of Their Bums?

Honestly, I didn’t know that unicorns had this magical power either until I watched the most recent Freddie Wong video called, “Mr. Toots”.  It seems that unicorns are actually adorable little death machines that can take out an entire building with their rainbow infused gas!  I always thought unicorns were supposed to be harmonious and whimsical creatures, so it goes to show you that you can’t trust anything that has horns growing out of its head.

In all seriousness though, it looks like the Wong Team is getting into even more complex CGI and effects with their work, so I’m excited to see what else comes out of their demented minds.  Make sure to check out the video below to see how destructive a unicorn can be with some bad gas.  Trust me, I don’t care how many cans of kraut you eat, you’re foul stench has nothing on this little guy.  You’ve always known that unicorns were weapons of mass destruction…

Mr. Toots!



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