Didn’t Like Transformers in 3D No Worries There’s a 1D Version Too

The Michael Bay Transformers movies get picked on quite a bit for their over-the-top robot on robot action that seems to melt people’s brains while they watch it.  I actually thought the 3D in Transformers Dark of the Moon was really well done, and it helped to make a little more sense of the robot mayhem taking place on screen, but the movie still got its fair share of critiques.  Well, for those of you that weren’t into the whole Transformers 3D project a new 1D short has been created to give you a different perspective on the franchise.  Yes, 1D, why even mess with 2D when you can simplify things even more with only 1 dimension?  To see if a 1D Transformer movie is more your style head on down past the break.  You’ve been wanting to see some more 1D movies now…

Transformers in 1D

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