When you hear the words Star Wars, a lightsaber might be one of the first things that come to mind. The lightsaber is one movie prop that most geeks wished was real. I don’t mean the ones you buy at a toy store, or those that are made by super fans either. Like myself I’m sure you want the kind that have a luminous blade appear before your very eyes just like you saw in the films. When you think about it who wouldn’t want to own a lightsaber? You’ve probably even made the signature buzzing-swoosh sound when using an imagery lightsaber, or any object that resembles a cylindrical shape.

It’s no secret that George Lucas is a fan of movies and pays homage to them in the movies he’s made. Getting to know how the lightsaber came to be is fascinating. Lucas goes into great detail how the concept of the lightsaber came to be. It will come as a surprise to you to know that there was an actual light sword used by the actors, but that proved too difficult because it didn’t show well on film. Needless to say there was a lot of trial and error to figure out how they were going to create the visual effect for the lightsaber itself.

Sound designer Ben Burtt also gives you the lowdown of how the iconic humming sound came to be. You’ll be surprised to know that it happened by accident. In post production Burtt can be seen moving along with the playback where the sound will get added to the famous lightsaber duels that many geeks have grown to love.

This featurette doesn’t limit itself to the average Star Wars fan, it’s really for any person that loves movies. As always, May the Force be with you!


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