Dishonored 2: Release Date and Gameplay Footage Revealed

Bethesda kicked off their E3 showing tonight with a bang. But before the show even started in full, Bethesda’s event host Adam Sessler let some important news slip early.

Dishonored 2 is coming out on November 11.

I can’t wait to get back to my old teleporty stabby ways this fall! I am most excited to play as Emily, the young girl from Dishonored who is now an Emporess. Corvo, her father, will also be back and playable with his classic clockwork skull mask.

In the E3 footage, you are fleeing Dunwall and heading towards Karnaka to take out her foes who wish to bring her harm. You also see the Dust District in which you can choose a side or go solo to reach your goal.  Another mechanic is time travel, I am currently unsure if it is a one area event or a new layer of strategy. This game seems to be adding more game play versatility which is awesome. The first had tons of replay ability to and this seems to have even more the that. I will be playing the most violent route as I am horrid at stealth. How will you guys be playing? Sneaky and no kills? Mass genocide? Let us know in the comments, we always like hearing about different play styles.

Here’s the first trailer, which was released at e3 last year.

As well as this years new trailer.

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