Disney Infinity In Real Life Parody Shows the Toys Have Serious Concerns

The Warp Zone YouTube channel has released a fairly in-depth philosophical Disney Infinity in real life parody, which gives the toys their time in the spotlight to talk about the issues they face, and why they think kids need to remember how to actually play with toys, and not just bring them to life in a video game.

The writing is spot on, as well as the performances, with the dude playing Jack Sparrow channeling his inner-Johnny like a pro. They do bring up some good points about games like Disney Infinity, Skylanders, and Nintendo’s Amiibos, which have all revolutionized how people play with action figures. No longer do we need to imagine worlds for them to play in when we can just rely on a microchip to bring them to life on your HDTV.

This Warp Zone parody may not be as outlandish as some of their others, but it’s very well done and brings up some great points, so head on up above to check it out, and let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment down below.


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