Disney’s Live Action Aladdin Looks Terrible

Yesterday, Disney released a special look at its upcoming live-action remake of Aladdin, which stars Will Smith as the Genie, and it looks absolutely terrible. I’m not even referring to the scary looking blue mutated thing that Will Smith is playing, which is what most Aladdin fans are screaming about, because that CGI mess is nothing compared to just how bad this remake looks overall.

I mean just watch the trailer and tell me that it gets you excited to see this remake? Why are we even getting live-action remakes of Disney cartoons? Is this Jungle Book fallout? I think some Disney movies could work as live-action, with JB being a great example, but properties like Aladdin just don’t seem to fit the model. The footage almost looks like something that was made for TV, and not streaming TV, I’m talking network TV, as in Rent live or some shit.

I’m not even sure nostalgia can save this one, but you never know. Parents wanting to share something they loved from their past with their own kids is a strong movement, so Aladdin could get helped by that alone. It comes out on May 24, 2019 in case you’re interested.

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