Disney’s The Story Group to Determine Official Canon for Star Wars

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It seems that Disney is ready to firmly make its stamp on the Star Wars universe with the announcement that they’ve created a “Story Group” to determine the new official canon for the entire Star Wars universe. This means that this think tank will systematically decide which properties from the expanded universe will remain canon, and which will be discarded.

Ultimately this should be a good thing for the Star Wars universe moving forward since it will bring all of the properties under one umbrella and set the shape of future projects. On the other hand, there’s surely a few fans who will be upset to find out that their favorite obscure character from a random EU book is now considered irrelevant, so there may be some growing pains with this project.

Lucasfilm’s Leland Chee confirmed in a tweet that this project is underway, and that it will make the Star Wars side projects much more relevant in the end. From The Hollywood Reporter:

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