Displaced Fans Are Suing the NFL and Jerry Jones

When I first saw this story during last Sunday’s Super Bowl my heart went out to the unlucky fans who paid good money for their Super Bowl tickets only to be relocated to another section, or no section at all.  How awful would that be?  I’ve priced out Super Bowl tickets over the past few years mainly because I have a pipe dream to make it to the Big Dance one day, especially when the Steelers make it (Watch they’ll go 20 years before making it again), but each time I look I realize that this will probably never happen unless I sell my soul to the Devil himself.

Unfortunately, each time I look for tickets I’m reminded that I’m not in the proper class rank to afford them.  This championship of championships is only meant for the ultra-wealthy i.e. Celebs, White guys in suits, and the ultra-wealthy.  Knowing what it takes for regular people to make it to the Super Bowl is what made me feel for those unlucky b*astards who got booted out of their seats on Sunday.  Can you imagine dropping almost enough money to buy a new car for you and a loved one to go to the Super Bowl for a once in a lifetime experience to watch your team have a chance to win it all, and upon your arrival to the stadium your told that your seats no longer exist?  Right then and there I would have neck punched the unfortunate person who broke the news to me, and then for good measure I would have tripped the nearest fan who still had seats to sit in.

Honestly, I’m not surprised that some of these fans are suing the League and Jerry.  Although, the NFL has offered some decent compensations for these fans, but I still get why some of them are suing.  Basically, the NFL has said that anyone who got the boot will get $2400 cash and a trip to next year’s Super Bowl, or you get the option to pick what Super Bowl you want to go to in the future with no cash payment.  The second option sounds pretty reasonable, but you have to remember that it’s not always guaranteed that your team will make it back in your lifetime.  What if the Steelers never make it back and you were some blue collar guy from the Burgh?  Would you be happy with basically playing the “I hope my team makes it again, so they don’t suck and actually win lottery”?  I wouldn’t because nothing is guaranteed in life besides death and taxes.  These people paid to see the game they wanted to see, so more power to them!  Kudos to the common man for trying to stick up for themselves.  If you want to see an interview about this suit you can watch the ESPN vid below.  You’ve still haven’t gotten over the fact the Pittsburgh turned the ball over 3 f*cking times in the Super Bowl…

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