DisplayLink Wireless VR Hands-On Preview – The Future of VR

DisplayLink, the leading provider of USB graphics and Wireless VR technology, launched a wireless VR showcase at E3 2018! Some of the features of the E3 2018 demo included:
  • Multi-player wireless VR
  • Replica weaponry
  • Haptic wearables
  • Unique way to watch the action

Spectators could enjoy the action watching their friends play against the 140 sq. ft. display wall! “User-experience is king at DisplayLink and we’re always looking to push the envelope of what’s possible,” said Graham O’Keeffe, CEO and Chairman at DisplayLink.
So you may be thinking, what are ‘Haptic Wearables‘?
It is a wireless haptic suit that delivers appropriate haptic feedback for VR. More than 70 feedback points are powered by eccentric rotating mass vibration motors, enabling games to be programmed with refined haptic feedback to deliver more immersive experiences.
The wireless VR experience was absolutely mind-blowing! DisplayLink was my very first appointment at E3 2018, and it definitely set the bar high. There was so much room to move around on the floor and the huge gun the company made for the game I played, Serious Sam – The Last Hope, made the experience 10x better! The whole wireless VR was an amazing experience and it is going to evolve VR into something even bigger and better.
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