Divinity: Original Sin 2 Gets Lots of Stretch Goals

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is crushing it on Kickstarter. After meeting the game’s campaign goal of $500,000 in about twelve hours, Larian Studios could have taken the next thirty or so days and relaxed, knowing that their game was going to be funded on the public’s dime.

Instead, the role-playing specialists have opted to pack a bunch of new stretch goals and backer rewards into Original Sin 2’s Kickstarter campaign, giving even more incentive for additional consumers to back the game.

Announced via a Kickstarter updateOriginal Sin 2’s updated stretch goals have been detailed, and they look pretty worthwhile.

At $700,000 (which has already been met), Larian is able to include a Strategist Mode which ups the ante for players who like to live dangerously. Additional stretch goals add options for players to pick additional skill trees and racial-based skills. The most exciting stretch goal, however, is the option to have a selectable “Undead Origin.” Being a skeleton is always the best.

Follow Divinity: Original Sin 2’s Kickstarter campaign to watch the numbers keep going up.


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