Do Reality TV Stars Get Vetted or What?

It seems commonplace to read about reality TV stars getting in some sort of legal trouble once they’ve returned to the real world, no pun intended.  You have the Jon and Kate mess, Bachelor and Bachelorette break-ups, Richard Hatch’s tax scandal, Russel from “Survivor” beating people up, etc.  Do you really think these wackos are mentally in tact when the producers select them for their various reality TV experiments?  Why do you think they pick unstable people?  Isn’t it more fun to see people act like animals rather than humans that have their shit together?

To solidify my point, a “Big Brother 9” contestant has recently been arrested twice for altercations with his girlfriend.  Matt Mcdonald has been arrested again, for threatening his girl pal and future baby’s Momma, to not press charges against him for his April 18th arrest that involved him beating her up.  What a guy right?  How does someone like this end up on TV?  If any type of mental health tests are actually done on reality contestants I would think these flaws would be exposed, so there is no way the producers vet these retards.

Matt “Beating pregnant women is cool” Mcdonald

I think they do the opposite and take the craziest people they can find.  I’m a reality fan myself, so I can’t really criticize the process, but one day a reality contestant is bound to kill someone on live TV.  I guess that’s the closest we’ll ever get to watching a Gladiator battle in our time.  So much for “Spartacus Blood and Sand” becoming a reality TV game show.  You’ve been indulged in reality nonsense…

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