Do You Know of the YouTube Legend Involving Freddie Wong?

The creative folks over at WorldoftheOrange contacted me about their latest video, which features the unknown YouTube legend involving one of its all-stars Freddie Wong.  It’s no surprise that this site is a big fan of the Wong, but I had no clue how far his magical powers actually went.  Thankfully the folks at WotO clarified this for me with their video called ‘Freddie Wong’s Mirror Wolrd’.  This short shines a little light on the legend that if you say “Freddie Wong” 5 times while staring into a mirror, you’ll be transported to an alternate universe that Freddie has created where everything in your pocket can be used as a weapon, or special effects.

It’s definitely a unique video to say the least, and once again showcases the imaginative people that have begun creating videos for the Net.  I mean how and the hell do you come up with a premise for a video that deals with a particular YouTube all-star and his whimsical mirror world without being someone who thinks outside the proverbial box?  If you don’t make a daily trip to YouTube and start subscribing to people like Freddie W, and WorldoftheOrange you’re missing out on a new form of entertainment for creative people with short attention spans.  Make sure to check out ‘Freddie Wong’s Mirror World’ below, and if you like it let the creators know by giving it a “Like” on YouTube as well as sharing this post on Twitter and Facebook.  You’ve been needing a banana that can be used as a gat…

Freddie Wong’s Mirror World



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