Does Crysis 2 on the Xbox 360 Look Blurry, or Am I Going Mad Review?

UPDATE – I posted a video of what I’m seeing after the break.

Has anyone else noticed that Crysis 2 looks kind of blurry on the Xbox 360?  I’ve literally wasted hours trying to dial my picture in for this game, which I’ve never had to do before with any other next-gen title.  To me if you stare at the backgrounds in Crysis 2 there seems to be some blurry wavy lines present.  It’s bad enough that I’ve tried hooking it up to another HDTV, and have even tried swapping out HDMI cables to remedy the issue.  Unfortunately, the blurriness remains in all of the configurations I’ve tested.  This leads me to believe that Crysis 2 is the issue itself and not my equipment.  I’ve even thrown in another Xbox game (Bulletstorm) just to make sure it wasn’t my 360.  So does this mean that Crysis 2 has some flawed visuals?

I believe it does.  For a game that has been touted as the end all be all of graphical excellence I’ve been less than impressed with its visuals.  In fact, they’re driving me batty!  I think I’ve spent more time trying to configure my Samsung HDTV to work with this game than actually playing it.  No matter what settings I use I can’t seem to get rid of the hazy hue to this game that honestly degrades the visuals in my opinion.  I’ve almost considered going to buy a new f*cking TV just to see if that will fix this issue, but after all of my testing I can only imagine that it won’t.

So why are all the “professional” critics sucking this game’s digital ball sack then?  At first, I was very impressed with the visuals, but as time went on and doubt started creeping into my mind I couldn’t get past what I was seeing on the screen.  I wish a had a capture card to show you what I’m talking about, but I don’t.  You’ll will just have to believe me and respect my opinion.  Trust me, I’m not some troll fanboy just trying to bash this otherwise highly regarded game, but I just can’t get over the way it looks on my setup.  I really haven’t been able to enjoy the game because I only focus on the grainy looking background textures, and not the well executed level design.

Sometime I can’t stand my obsessive compulsive behaviors.   The whole Crysis 2 issue may just be in my head, but I know it isn’t.  As you can see it’s consumed me to the point that I feel the need to write about it.  I just want another gamer to reaffirm my findings, so I don’t feel like I’m losing my marbles.  This whole situation is very reminiscent of my HTC Thunderbolt screen protector saga.  When I don’t feel like I’m seeing, or using something in a perfect state, my mind starts to melt down.  All of the joy that should come with playing a new game, or using a new gadget gets violently flushed down the toilet like a street girl’s unborn fetus.  It really is a miserable way to live life, but that’s the way I roll.

If any of you are experiencing the same phenomena, or a different one, please let us know using the Comment section below.  I’m really interested in finding out how the rest of you are experiencing the supposed graphical wonder, Crysis 2.  Who knows, maybe I do need to go out and sell my right nut for a new 3D HDTV?  I don’t really think that’s the issue considering other games run just fine on my setup.  Both Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm look wonderful without any blur or wavy textures on my rig, so why does Crysis 2 look sketchy.  Anyway, now that that’s out of the way let me get down to my review of Crysis 2.


EB – 7.5/10

The Awesome – I guess the Graphics sort of, Level Design, Nanosuit, Music (when it’s not blaring), MP in general

The Not So Awesome – Blurry Textures, Obscenely loud music, Story, MP Bugs

I just want to preface my review with the fact that I’m not in bed with any publishers like the “pro” critics, so I’m not going to blow any smoke up your a*s about this game.

The Awesome

Visual Potential

You probably think I’m nuts for listing the Crysis 2 visuals under the awesome section, but I really can see the potential that this game has when it comes to looks.  I’m sure it looks like a gem on the PC, because I can see hints of its greatness on my 360.  It is a very fluid looking game that doesn’t really have any frame rate hiccups.  If I could just get rid of the wavy lines in the background I’d totally get on Crysis 2’s c*ck like everyone else, but as it stands now I can only say that the game’s visuals have potential.  I really think they’d look awesome if it weren’t for the texture and background issues.  So yes, this is sort of a bi-polar critique, but I’m just being honest.  Again, if you are seeing things differently on the 360 version of Crysis 2 please let us know.  Just take some time out from killing C.E.L.L. and stare at your screen.  Do you see what I’m talking about?  I’m very anal, so you’ll have to really stare to pick up on the issue.  You may in fact realize that I’m just too damn picky.

Level Design

Considering that I’m having issues with Crysis 2’s graphics the true standout to this game has been the level design.  I would describe it as being a controlled open-world design.  It’s not like a GTA, but it also isn’t as linear as a Call of Duty.  Basically, each level can be tackled in multiple ways.  If you want to go all Commando on some b*tches you’re free to do so.  If you want to get all Sam Fischer and go at it stealth then have at it.  You can even mix the tow styles together.  Crysis 2 does a great job presenting your available options by providing tactical advice via the Nanosuit visor.  Once you get used to pulling it up before each encounter it becomes very entertaining to mark your targets and plan out your method of attack.  I like the freedom and don’t feel like I’m confined to a certain path like other FPS games.  It is a nice mix of freedom without the anxiety that comes to huge open-world games.


The Nanosuit v2 as seen in Crysis 2 is a piece of art.  It has a wonderful visual appeal that just screams, “Bada*s!”.  It’s one of those fictional items that I wish I could have in real life.  How awesome would it be to have a voice in your head telling you what to do?  Oh wait, I already have that, but it didn’t come with an awesome looking battle suit.  The suit’s abilities make the Master Chief’s Mjolinar Armor seem like a cheap costume.  I love the way it sounds, it’s very robotic.  The ability to switch out of active camo and super armor only adds to your options of how to lay waste to your foes.  It allows you to go stealth when needed, or if you’re getting hammered you can pop on its super shield.  I just like the fact that I don’t have to find pick-ups to beef up my suit like other games.  I just have to watch my suit’s power meter and keep it charged so the abilities are always available when I need them.  Really though, I just dig the way it looks.  Look for yourself below.  Wouldn’t you want to sport that as your new lounging outfit?



The famous movie compose Hans Zimmer had a hand in the creation of some of Crysis 2’s musical themes, and it’s very evident that he did.  The theme music is very catchy and almost has an ‘Inception’ feel to it.  My only issue is that for some reason Crysis 2 feels the need to play its music at an ear piercingly loud volume.  Typically, I set my stereo in the 35 – 38 decibel range while playing games.  This allows for me to enjoy the surround sound without making my ears bleed.  With Crysis 2 I have to turn it down to 45 – 50 decibels, because certain sections of the game will all of a sudden start blaring to the point where my speakers sound like they’re going to blow.  It’s almost like Crytek coded the music to be extra loud in the same way that certain commercials do while you’re watching TV.

The worst case of this is in the MP menus where it’ll get so loud you’ll want to stab your ear drums out with a rusty spoon.  With that being said it’s not the music itself that sucks, just the way they coded it into the game, and yes I have turned it down using the in-game settings, but it’s still retartedly loud.


I really think if I didn’t blow so bad at it right now the MP piece of Crysis 2 would be pretty solid.  Unfortunately, I blow and because of this I have weak load outs.  It’s the same flaw that is in the Modern Warfare games where those who play more get better gear, while those who don’t are left to get r*ped with their sh*tty weapon loadouts and unlocks.  I just feel like I can never get the edge on someone.  I’ll lay a clip into them only to have them shoot me twice from across the screen and put me down.  It’s frustrating because it makes me feel like such a loser to just keep dying because other players have better guns, sights, and perks.  This is why I think I’m so drawn to Killzone 3 MP because it doesn’t feel like there’s a barrier to entry.  I’ll give Crysis 2 some more of my time, and I’m sure I’ll get better, but at this point my MP allegiance is still firmly rooted in the K3 camp.

The Not So Awesome

Blurry Visuals

I think I already covered this in great detail, but I just wanted to b*tch about it again!

Loud Music

Once again, already covered, but are you experiencing the same thing.  Like I said earlier what I am hearing is similar to what you may experience while watching a TV show.  For example, you’re watching your favorite show at a reasonable volume and then it cuts to a commercial where your sensible volume setting now sounds like your as deaf as Anne Frank.  It’s just annoying.  Sure you can turn it down on your stereo or via the in-game settings, but why when I don’t have to for other games?


I know it doesn’t help that I haven’t played the first Crysis game, but even after watching all of the cutscenes from the previous 2 Crysis titles I still can’t really make out what is going on in Crysis 2.  This has had an impact on how I’ve played the game.  I just don’t really care about what is going on in its universe, which kind of makes me a passive participant in its gameplay.  I don’t care about Alcatraz, I don’t care about the dude he’s working with, and I don’t care about the aliens, or C.E.L.L.  Crysis 2’s plot just seems very generic and B-Movie like.  Nothing has really engaged me in the plot, which has caused me to not be amped about playing the game each day.  It just feels like another FPS where it’s you against the bad guys and you’re a bada*s compare to them. Snore!

Multiplayer Glitches

Like I said before, I really think that Crysis 2 has some potential in the MP arena, but some of the connection issues are worked out I’m not dying to play it everyday.  Each time I try to play with some friends it seems like we have to try multiple times to get connected to a match and actually remain in the same squad.  It’s very similar to some of the COD connection glitches where party members get kicked out more often than not while trying to connect to a session.  It definitely doesn’t help to make me want to spend my time with it, especially because after waiting all I do is get my a*s handed to me anyway.  Hopefully, Crytek will patch this thing up to smooth out the connection issues.

Final Verdict

In the end, Crysis 2 is a pretty decent game, but I don’t think it’s living up to its hype on the consoles.  The whole blurry look thing just isn’t doing it for me, and other technical gltiches like the loud music and suspect MP connections don’t help either.  Overall, I give it an EB 7.5/10.  If you’ve been dying to play it I’d say give it a go, but in my opinion Crysis 2 could definitely just be a rental.  I don’t feel any bond to it after the first few days, so I doubt that one will ever be established.  I’m sure I’ll catch some sh*t for my write-up, but that’s just the way I feel.  I think it has potential to look and feel great, but at this time it just isn’t the spectacle that everyone has been telling me about.  You’ve been thinking that I may be too anal, or just suck at life…


Crysis 2 Blurry Background on Xbox 360



Crysis 2 Blurry Background on Xbox 360 Rain Scene


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  1. I have a Toshiba 3DTV, and am playing Crysis 2 on an XBOX S, and I have the same ghosting issues with the 3D on. The game looks great (even in 3D), and I think the 3D “effect” is very well done, but I can’t get over the ghosting/blurriness when I turn the 3D on either, as it seriously ruins any type of immersion in the game world. I seemed to have also went through many of the troubleshooting steps you did.

  2. Yo cuz… I know exactly what you’re talking about with the issue… I think the parts of the game where there is rain was the part where I really picked up on this. I love the graphics for most of the game but there are pieces of the campaign that look really bad. Also, if you are playing the MP and see me on hit me up! We can roll squad deep on some dudes

  3. Yeah, I feel your pain man. I’ve been needing a new tv for a while and got one just last weekend thinking Crysis 2 on Tuesday would be the perfect first game on it.

    I was sadly mistaken. The game just doesn’t look very good to me and that’s from someone coming off Black Ops which has awfully plain graphics, but very clean and sharp compared to Crysis 2. I thought KZ3 looked liked garbage with everything looking to be covered in mud but even it looked better to me than this. Although KZ3’s scripted, linear, on-rails gameplay (like all other PS3 exclusives) don’t touch Crysis 2’s open feel.

    Crysis 2 just has too much grain, pop-in, blurriness, haziness and choppiness to make me feel anything but disappointed. Everything is always flickering jaggy and I’m not impressed with the engine in the slightest.

    To be honest, I truly feel the game looks to be running on the same engine as the new Bionic Commando game that came out a couple of years ago. It has the same look, art style and issues as that game did too. But to me it looks like a first person version of that game. Not an insult to Crysis 2 but the engine is doing nothing compared to games from 2007 so where all this d**k-riding from the industry is coming from is beyond me. Same people that think games like UC2 and KZ3 look so great while also not taking into account how tightly scripted those games as to not give up their smoke and mirrors trickery to show you how graphically shallow they really are.

    I’ve also noticed what looks to be interference lines in Crysis 2 like I have cable interference but it’s only with this game and no other. Why they decided to add all this unnecessary garbage over the graphics is beyond me. The entire game is just ugly to me and the first ever where it has every graphical shortcoming in the book going on all at once. It’s just a sensory overload but in a negative light.

    I feel the game also being developed on PS3 could be part of the problem, with it’s lack of RAM and GPU missing features of 360 then being made to look the same on 360 being the problem. We’ve seen games on 360 for years that look better than this and it was usually because they were designed on 360 then ported to PS3. Since it also looks like crap on PS3 I feel development on that bottlenecked hardware also held up the 360 version. But that’s just me.

    But yeah, I’ve also tried every setting on 360 and my tv and also moved all my cables around and the game still runs and looks ugly as Hell so you’re not alone.

    I’m sticking by my opinion that development on PS3 held this game up like a lot of other games since 2008 when devs started focusing more on PS3, but that’s a discussion for another day.

      1. The thing is, this is the first time I’ve seen someone else on the entire net that felt the same way.

        I’ve even thought about returning my tv and getting a different model this game has made me so insane. But it’s a Sony Bravia and everything else looks great so it’s just this game.

        I’m thinking of just trading it in for different game (maybe Homefront since it’s not known for graphics and wanted to play it but waited for C2) but I’m definitely sick of staying up all night tweaking all this crap for a game that I just have to believe doesn’t look very good and is being overrated graphically because of developer history.

        My question for those people is this: Have you played ANYTHING else at all this gen? If they had, they’d know games like Bioshock, Gears 1 and 2 and even some of the COD games look miles better. Even some of those average looking but graphically overrated PS3 exclusives look better.

        I can usually overlook the graphics when a game has a more open feel like this, but the game and franchise being known for graphics then looking worse than older games on the market also make me not want to play it again.

        1. I don’t get it either. Every major game review site has basically claimed that this game is the end-all-be-all when it comes to graphical power houses on a console. I will not buy into that crap, especially after my experiences and the ones expressed on this post. It’s a let down, because I was looking forward to Crysis 2, but as I said in the post I can’t even play it in a normal way because I get so wrapped up in the look. The joys of being a picky son of a b*tch!

  4. It’s one of those games that I want to like so much but am having a hard time doing so because it just runs so unstable. Reminds me of Farcry 2 in that respect except that game’s problems were from a design standpoint while it looked great and I wanted to love it so much. This game has good design, although sometimes it feels too corridor-ish and the A.I. goes from great (Cell soldiers) to awful (everything else) but the look makes me question who’s in charge of setting standards for this industry when it’s considered the best looking console game all gen.

    Thing is, I can’t really think of another game at the moment that I either haven’t played to death or that would feel as open as this as far as linear games go. Newer games like Homefront are a one-playthrough and done sort of thing and Flashpoint Red River doesn’t come out for another month. I’d feel disgusted going back to Black Ops which I traded towards this, but at least it ran and looked stable.

    I don’t know what to do except sit further from the tv hoping that helps. Nice review though.

    Try the Bioshock 1 demo as soon as you turn this game off and tell me it doesn’t look a generation ahead being a 2007 game. I just did it and was shocked at how bad it makes this game look.

  5. Well, I just made myself finish it and couldn’t be happier…that it’s finally over.

    The graphics were one thing, but the more I played the more aggravating the entire game became. The controls sometimes, or most of the time, feel glitchy and unresponsive. The collision feels like I’m always getting stuck on things. The A.I. goes from retarded to just standing still or walking endlessly into walls. I’d had almost enough then low and behold, the game just ended. No credits, no nothing. Just a quick cutscene leading me to believe there was another mission, then lazily, the main menu loaded.

    This has to be the most unfinished, unpolished, rushed and phone-in games outside of Dragon Rising this gen. Shouldn’t surprise me since anything published by EA, whether they develop it in-house or have someone else do it, is never close to 100% complete before released and 9 times out of 10 never fixed.

    I can say this with certainty: If this except game was made by a no-name dev, published by a no-name publisher and was called something else, it be seen about as bad as Advent Rising was last gen because it has that same “tons of potential/poor execution” thing going on.

    I wish I could say this was worth the time and money, but I can’t. Wished I’d have rented it and just kept Black Ops or put that towards an older, better game.

    I’ll still check this site often though seeing as you seem to notice what the rest of the journalists seem to ignore. Sorry for all the anti-PS3 stuff in my posts. Just like with this game I’m tired of people not noticing what’s wrong with that console and exclusives and only focusing on the hype and marketing while putting down 360 for anything when most of what PS3 owners love about that console is because of something 360 pushed Sony into doing.

    BTW, read somewhere that a lot of the graininess, blurriness and other stuff are glitches and can be fixed by finishing a level, going to main menu, then choosing that level instead of hitting “continue”. I didn’t try it and don’t care to now, but maybe it’s your last hope of finding piece with this damn game.

    XBL GT/ PS3 GT: MassiveHedWound if you need another slot filled on your FL. I’m 33, so not another little hoot mouth screaming kid if that helps.

    1. I’m playing through it now too. Figure might as well get as much G as I can since a bought the thing. Certain levels have looked better than others, but overall still a little weak due to the blur issue.

  6. Alright so I too have a lot of problems with this game. I was planning on getting it eventually but after the reviews I picked it up on the release date. The first thing I noticed with the campaign is that it looks pretty good but that all of the characters have almost a glowing aura around them. Did anyone else notice this? The character actually distorted the air closest to their body.

    I could not stand that when the characters run that they would blur. I have a very nice pioneer tv and its actually the only tv cnet has given a perfect 10 to so I know its not my tv. I also have never had this problem with any other game. Has anyone else had problems with this? I found it to really stand out when you are fighting the aliens.

    Also the amount of glitches in a game of this caliber is truly unacceptable. EA must have strong armed crytek into pumping out this game before they properly tested it because I literally saw more than 3 dozen glitches in the game before I finished. I have never seen anything like this. It went from the occassional AI glitch of walking in circles, into a wall, being frozen in place, not shooting me when I was standing and shooting them, to when I was fighting the pinger outside, after taking down the building, not being able to reload the rocket launcher. I would have 3 shots but only be able to shoot the first.

    Later I had a level where you are manning the gunner position on the truck and I had a loud buzzing through the whole mission. I backed out and reloaded the mission and the buzzing continued. I had to turn down my sound system until I completed the level. The very last level when you are fighting the guys who cloak I killed 3 and it showed the last one on the map but he wasn’t actually there so I again had to restart the game to avoid another glitch.

    I realize that this post is really long but is anyone else having the broad scope of problems with this game that I am? Also are you seeing the issues with the image distortion around the characters and the blurring when the characters move?? I’ve never in my life played a game with this many problems and I cannot believe it got the reviews it did. I hope Crytek releases an update to fix some of these problems. Please respond

  7. Check, 360 section, and on the front page someone made a prefessional list of things wrong with the game. Everything we’ve talked about has been brought up as well as most others seeing the awful grain effect.

    As usual, there’s one forum fanboy saying it doesn’t exist and it’s their 360, cables or tv. Hopefully Crytek doesn’t listen to this one idiot and fixes it.

    BTW, I played MP last night and it looks very sharp and clear. N

    1. Huh! Well at least we aren’t crazy, or in need of new HDTV’s! I’m going to finish off the campaign today then check out multi. Thanks for the update, and thanks for stopping bye! Spread the word! This site may fanboy out on certain things, but I always try to present some sort of a fair and balanced view.

  8. The problem with MP is it uses EA’s cheap Radioshack servers so it’s just really laggy and the hit detection is awful. You’ll put an entire clip into someone that isn’t even shooting at you then you just die. Watch the killcam and it shows you never fired a shot and he was unloading on you the whole time.

    Couple with everyone moving around invisible it makes for a very boring experience of who can out exploit who the most. Worse than any Ghost Pro and the other exploits, um perks, in any COD game. Not to mention I never feel like the cloak lasts long enough to even be worth using most of the time.

    Restarted the SP and the grain and blurriness are gone. We’ll see how long it lasts but either way I’m thinking this game just isn’t worth the time with such outdated graphics, bad A.I. and forgettable MP.

    Got to get off my ass sometime this week and sell this thing towards something else so I can stop playing it, hating it then complaining about it and starting over again with that rotation multiple times a day. It’s just not worth it with a game I’d rate about 7.0-7.5 at most.

    Definitely most overrated game this gen outside of Uncharted 2. Maybe that’s why I’ve yet to see a single other person on my FL playing it. If it was that good people would have put other games aside to at least try it.

  9. Finally! I thought I was taking crazy pills. I’ve had all these issues identified above, but when searching reviews/google, all i found was praise for the games’ “stunning visuals”! So disappointing after all the hype this game received.

  10. As usual, I couldn’t stop playing the game no matter how much I want to and plugged away through the first hour or 2 of SP and without the grain effect, blurring and diagonal lines on-screen it looks decent, not amazing, but decent. Reminds me of Bad Company 2 SP graphics with a little more messiness. Seems like I remember the issues popping up and staying a little later on in my original playthrough, so we’ll see what happens a couple more hours in.

    I could do without the pop-in, flickering shadows and grainy effect around every shadow in the game but I’ll take all that vs the grain filters anyday. Hopefully they add an option to turn it off since it goes against the point of a sharp HD picture.

    Now, if only the MP didn’t feel so…dumb. It just feels so gimmicky and stupid. Take away cloaking, armor and nanovision and it’s FEAR MP all over again. Just run around and spray.

    Oh well, I guess no one’s forcing me to play MP. But at least people on their forums are forcing them to maybe one day complete the development of this game. As it stands now, it feels maybe 75% complete at most to me. Yet another $60 beta. Why am I not surprised?

    1. Man you crack me up! So why do you think things improved? Any special tips for the rest of us?

      I’m towards the end where it’s dark and rainy and it looks like my TV is being taken over by an alien transmission from the Your Picture Sucks Galaxy!

      See above. Literally looks like a picture you used to see on tube sets with bunny ears.

  11. I read that to get the effect to go away you need to quit the level and restart it from the mission select screen instead of “CONTINUE”

    I took it back today and they had so many complaints on the game that when I told them all the issues they gave me full 59.99 credit. Couldn’t be happier to say goodbye to it.

    I’m so tired of betas being sold for full price this gen along with all the on-disc dlc scams. I knew being published by EA this would happen and told my friend that earlier last month. Same thing with MOH being unfinished and Dead Space 2 dlc scams.

    I’m done with EA and it’s pretty bad when I support Activision more now.

  12. I really don’t know what you guys are all talking about. Me and my roomate both don’t have any problems with the graphics. It is by far the best graphically looking game I’ve played yet. Maybe I’m just lucky or something but nothing looks grainy, or blurry on my setup.

  13. The guy that’s 2 posts up hasn’t played enough games or is really young if he thinks this is the best looking game he has played or he’s just lying to make his $60 purchase seem worhwhile. FACT

    Play some more games and look at the difference. You’ll notice that Crysis 2 looks grainy, blurry, has constant pop-in, framerate issues, tons of jaggies, constant flickering on everything in the environments, shadows made up of some of the worst grain effects yet seen in a game and just an overall 2006/2007 look at best to them.

    You won’t see these issues in better looking games like Bioshock 2, Red Dead Redemption, Gears 1/2, Resident Evil 5…the list goes on and on. Just look at any other decent looking game this gen and if you don’t see the difference then you’re just lying to yourself.

    The game looks like **** and it’s too bad that the industry and casual gamers such as yourself can’t see it because you let reviewers and hype decide what the game looks like for you.

    1. Everyone has their own opinions. In fact, I got blasted on one of my YouTube vids about this game from a Crysis 2 fanboy, but he’s free to say what he wants. I tend to agree with you, but others have varying opinions. To each his own. I’ve gone back to Killzone 3, and planning on trying out the new WWE All Stars today. Have a feeling Crysis 2 may be finished for me.

  14. Oh my God! I am so happy I found this article. As of right now, I just put in a repair order on my TV, thinking that it’s crapping out. Glad to see I’m not the only one seeing this digital “rain” haze all over the backgrounds. Although, I’ve noticed a lot of graphic degradation through my campaign playthrough.

    I am a graphics snob, and I can say (sadly) that Crysis 2 did not live up to my expectations. When I first popped it in, I was blown away…as the campaign progressed, I realized all I was looking at was some modern day trickery. =[

    I even switched out my HDMI cords to see if that was the problem. Heck, I was tempted to go buy a new 360 (seems to me that the Halo Reach Slim edition sucks).

    All in all, I enjoy multiplayer immensely, even though there are a slew of cheaters on there. I can say that Crysis 2 multiplayer is a bit more exciting than Black Ops, which has grown stale and stagnant to me.

    Thanks for the informative article, and I am seriously relieved that I’m not going bonkers. =]

  15. Hey, I just thought I’d say that I’m also having the *blur, fuzzy, haze* look too. I didn’t notice it until I reached a level with lower lighting, then I assumed it was the classic gain *film look* like what Mass Effect did and what Left 4 Dead did. Until I saw the grain continuously floating upward. Sadly I’m a graphics nut, which is why I bought the game, but now I can’t enjoy the great shootouts and gameplay because all I see is grain. But the grain isn’t on the guns, enemies, team mates, vehicles or what you can see of your character. Just the sky, ground, walls, ect. That’s why I googled this problem, to see if I was the only person having this. Thinking its time to replace the HD with a 3D. And I’m playing on the Xbox 360 at 1080i on my HDMI cables. Sadly it looks like its the games problem. Someone should let them know in case they can patch it.

      1. i love crysis 2 , i can look over all the problems this game has ,
        but the constant grain /lines on the screen killed this game 4 me .
        i hate crytec 4 that

  16. I think we may just have to agree to disagree here. While the flaws in the game make it a little sub par to what I was expecting, I wouldn’t go so far as to say it sucks ass. I find Multiplayer a bit engaging at times (at times), and a lot less lag switchers/rapid fire controller mods in the Crysis 2 lobbies (as compared to Black Ops).

    The A.I. on the campaign can be downright stupid. Looking directly at me, but not shooting. Then, on the other hand, I can be cloaked about 100 yards from the enemy, and BLAM! Off with my head. >.>

    If I can fix these graphics issues, I would more than likely keep this game on my shelf.

  17. I have a ps3 and i am glad i’m not crazy.
    I have spent more hours tweeking my video setting on my tv, than actually playing the multiplayer portion of crysis 2.
    I ‘m listening to the professional critics talk about how wonderful this game is, and i can’t understand how they can overlook the visuals.
    It seems as though people aren’t complaining because they have been told that they should like this game. I thought something was wrong with me and my tv when i first started playing the MP.
    After a few days of trying to polish this game i have given up and have decided to trade this game…….I will not be satisfied after having such high hopes.
    This game was supposed to be a visual marvel and it isn’t……
    Too bad for everyone that expected more……….I wish i could get over this letdown, but i can’t.
    Everytime i play, i will spend more time looking at the visuals instead of the actual gameplay.

    1. Refreshing isn’t it? I’m probably gonna trade it as well for the same reasons. It’s a shame because I wanted this game to be what the industry was saying it was going to be.

  18. I fixed the grain problem on my Xbox 360! What I did is loaded up multiplayer*which is the same game engine used in a slightly different way then the campaign one* And played a few games of that. Then reloaded the campaign and have had zero grain for three days now. I’m thinking that by loading multiplayer it switches the engine. And by switching it back to the single player it kind of reboots it. Like just a weekly cleaning of the engine you could say. Hope this helps someone!

  19. Hey , i only noticed this grainy effect on the darker levels but is definetly annoying ! A large part of the experience is what you see and you do your best to get the best equipment setup u can ( ie cables ,tv ,5.1 , full hd etc ) but once u notice shit like this you cant not ! Is the only game ive noticed this on that you cant turn off – i really like the game its just not as awesome as we were led to believe . Gamertag ” hkstuey “

  20. It looks like Crytek has still yet to make a single comment regarding the issues with this game.

    It’s one of the best and most unfinished and under-developed games all generation. There is something wrong with every single facet of the game which is a strange combination when it is still such a great game to play. Single player-wise at least.

    The multiplayer is pure trash. It’s an ugly, glitch-ridden generic mess of COD cloaked campers and the worst lag and hit detection I’ve ever seen in a game. Just awful multiplayer which shouldn’t surprise me since Free Radical made it. They also made Haze which tells me all I need to know. Their past games such as Timesplitters, Goldeneye and Perfect Dark were from a different era and they obviously lost whatever it is they had back then.

    Anyway, it shouldn’t be acceptable for a game to be released at around 50% completion so I suggest everyone just take it back, cut your losses and get a better game. I did and am happy with my decision to not support such trashy releases.

  21. I’m not touching any more EA games from here on out. Either they’re like MOH and just churned out as a quick cash grab to capitalize on COD before the real COD releases, they’re like Crysis 2 and unfinished and will never be fixed because EA refuses to fund the devs to complete the game after it’s already in stores or they’re like Shift 2 and good but surrounded by day 1 DLC scams with content already on the disc you have to pay extra for.

    Come to think of it, why do people say EA are so much better than they were last gen? They were the cancer of the industry then and have gotten nothing but worse since. None of their games they make, or publish and ruin along with those devs reputations, are really worth worrying about when just about every other game out there is better and of higher quality. When Peter Moore from EA comes right and publicly tells gamers they want to extract as much money out of gamers as possible, there’s something wrong.

    I feel sorry for those looking forward to BF3. I’ve been burnt with every EA release since 2004, including BC2 which I thought was horrible, and know better than to look forward to yet another trash release from them. It’ll look like crap, be super scripted and linear and have more lag and connection problems than any other game on the market. Just like every other BF game since 2004. And like the rest, it’ll never work right, never be completely developed and never be fixed.

    I’d rather give Activision my money any day and that’s something I thought I’d never say. Or even Sony (whom I wish would leave the industry and take it’s overhyped hardware and games with them) for another one of it’s most overrated exclusives ever. Just pick a PS3 exclusive and it will fit in this category. And I’d rather have one of those than another EA game.

  22. Thank you EB…. I think I may have finally found that un-biased reviewer I have searched for, for years….. IGN mentioned nothing about the blurry, laggy, glitchy visuals, nor did they mention anything about the MP being so laggy and glitched out…..

    to make matters worse, I bought the game a couple weeks after it came out on PS3 (more friends on the PS3 were playing it then friends on the 360) because I had to pay bills and so on. so I play the MP one day and loved it…. got me a couple air stomps and i was hooked, didnt notice hardly any lag and was actually getting high k/d’s that night (guess I was host-4 green bars)….. the next day PSn goes down!!!! so i sit there for 3 1/2 weeks fiending like a junkie to massacre randoms with my love of crysis…. only to come back to always having 2 bars or less and never going above a 1.0 k/d, putting whole clips into guys backs to have them spin arund and kill me with one shot (on the killcam it looked like i s,hot 3 bullets and missed him by 3 feet) constantly, over and over!!!!!

    So i go play the SP for a few hours and start noticing the grainy, blurred ut visuals and dumb AI and visuals glitches (didnt want to play the SP when I was wanting to play MP so baqd so i waited) and that now brings me here to you….

    so thanks to you and everyone else here for helipng come to the realization that a game i looked foward to and want to be awesome, is totally unfinished, glitchy, and just like MOH (and sometimes even BF) EA is a POS and will never want to pay more money to complete their “finished product”!!!!

    I for one liked BFBC2 (except the floaty controls) and I have high hopes for BF3, but im definetly waiting to play the BETA before i make any financial decisions!

    XBOX= mr buIIets PSN= mr_bullets I play KZ3, COD, and Halo regularly….

  23. I’m really relieved after I read into these posts. At first i wasn’t sure if you all were really talking about the problem i have with the whole grainy pattern thats repeating over my screen and covering what i heard was supposed to be a graphical beast of a game. I wish i could’ve found a fix but ill just have to deal with it, because i love this game. Too bad this annoying hazy filter is one of those “cant be unseen once seen” kind of things.

  24. Hey i saw ur post, and i popped the game in immediately to see if i had the same problem, as i didnt notice it during the first play through. i have a 55″ samsung and i cant find anything even close to what u describe nor the video u took. I’m very cynical about graphix and sound also to the point of hating fog or smoke effects because they dont seem to ricochet off objects in the game, but mine seems to be looking just fine…. now the sound on the other hand in certain scenes, more often then not, has a really annoying game rune click that just drove me insane! i did notice that some of the “blur” i think u guys are noticing did disappear when i turned off game mode, and put the auto motion plus on smooth… but then of course u have to deal w/ the quarter second delay :(

      1. I cant argue with that, now that im trying to find glitches with the graphix engine, i am noticing the grain during up close shots… but am still stunned with the look and feel of this game, especially when compared to the likes of the 12 year f’up duke nukem…. ouch

          1. unbelvievable, in the back of my mind i figured it was going to bomb, but being that they had so much time to create and develop, guess i had high hopes lol, the dudes voice omg, how do f up his voice!

  25. What makes me really angry about this is that I paid full price for this POS game. I waiting long for it just to be disapointed in the grainy effect. It looks horrible and I lost interest right away when Crytek refused to comment or fix the issue. Now because of this I don’t trust them anymore. They should stick to PC gaming and that’s it. Some message boards say they found a fix by starting the level over again, or starting the level in MP then go back and try the same level in single player…but that didn’t work. On top of it all, why would I even try this type of fix when I’m paying full price for a game I thought was finished!

    These devs should be ashamed of themselves. I also can’t belive that all the review sites didn’t mention any of this. If they did their jobs correctly, I could have bought somehting else with my hard earned money.

  26. dunno if its been mentioned but you may notice that when you go into armour mode, the ‘transition’ involves a considerable sharpening of the graphics for half a second or so, which to me indicated that the fuzzyness is some filter going on in the game itself, and i do have a strange repeated fuzzy moving pattern in the background i get on no other game but i did used to see a similar thing on the ps3 a lot, this is on a 360 HDMI’d to a 24″ 1920×1200 monitor running at 1080 in 1:1 mode, the game is really good though

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