Don’t Be A Fool, Give Foolkiller A Try

For whatever reason I have a tendency to gravitate to obscure comics titles. A few months back while perusing the new books at my local comic shop I grabbed a copy of Foolkiller #1. The cover art caught my eye and I guess I’m a sucker for a new #1. When I sat down to read it I must admit that I didn’t have high expectations, but the series has been surprisingly good thus far. Foolkiller is currently up to issue #4, which was especially good thanks to a special guest appearance by Deadpool.

Here’s the nutshell version of what’s gone down so far. A while back Greg Salinger was the Foolkiller, a vigilante (some might call him a second tier Punisher-type) targeting perpetrators of “foolish” crimes. He was also for a time one of Deadpool’s Mercs for Money, but left to attempt a normal life as a S.H.I.E.L.D psychologist, treating former costumed criminals. Though, after seeing so many crazies who are beyond reform, Greg started to get the itch to start offing fools again!

In issue #3 though Greg gets a curve ball when Kurt Gerhardt, the maniac who took on the Foolkiller mantle after Greg called it quits, enters the scene. Kurt’s been secretly watching and sabotaging his old mentor who has been trying to live a normal life. Granted, I use the word normal loosely, but despite his setbacks Greg at least feels some kind of guilt by his actions. Where the other Foolkiller, Kurt, does not. When the two Fools confront each other for the first time Kurt drops a few truth bombs on Greg regarding his girlfriend and his S.H.I.E.L.D boss that drastically change the circumstances (don’t want to give too much away). And then the bullets start flying!

While Foolkiller is a title you may have overlooked or dismissed, I say give it a shot. The series has been fun reading for me so far and I plan on sticking with it however many issues it goes for (see update below). The writing by Max Bemis has been solid, as has the inside art by Dalibor Talajic. Also, I’ve really been digging the cover art for each issue by Dave Johnson. If you do decided to give Foolkiller a shot I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised like I was. And wait till you get to issue #4, where you’ll get a chance to see Wade Wilson’s creepy hamburger mug and watch him fart in the Foolkiller’s face during an intense therapy session –hilarious stuff!


UPDATE: I learned after publishing this from EB Podcast Host Justin Ludwig that issue #5 below will be the last issue in this series.

Foolkiller #5 – In Shops: Mar 22, 2017
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