Don’t Care How Hot She Is, I’d Have to Clothesline Her!

This video is an old one, so I apologize if you’ve seen it already.  Have you ever had a girlfriend, or wife that really nags you about gaming too much?  Luckily, I have not, but I’d say I’m in the minority on that one.  What most guys don’t realize is that Women need attention.  If you don’t give it to them, or they feel like something (Gaming) is taking away from the amount that you already give, be prepared for the Wrath of Hell!  The video you’ll see below is a great example as to what may happen if you pay more attention to gaming than your girl’s needs.

I almost think that this video is staged, because no girl would ever admit that they’re crazy like this nut does.  Plus, the guy seems a little too relaxed when he sees what his psycho girlfriend did to his man-toy.  I’d honestly be hard pressed not to drop the People’s elbow on whoever smashed up my Xbox and all of those precious save files that I’ve wasted years of my life obtaining.  I think I would’ve broken down and cried, and then I’d promptly tell this lunatic to get out of my life, because we’d be going on Judge Judy for a settlement.  You’ve been thinking that she really swings a club like a girl…


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