Don’t Forget to Make a Return To Pandora: Not the Box…

“Avatar”, the greatest sci-fi flick since the original “Star Wars” films, will be coming to a home near you.  “Avatar” will be released worldwide over the next few weeks to earn James Cameron even more cash money.  If you missed your chance to see it on the big-screen you should poke your eyes out, shame on you, but to make up for it you need to at least pick up your own copy when it becomes available.

If you trust me you should go and buy it even if you’ve never seen it before.  “Avatar” is more than just a great movie, it’s a revolution in film-making.  You’re doing yourself a disservice if you haven’t soaked in the goodness of “Avatar” and its amazing visuals.  Not to mention, the story is pretty engaging for a futuristic “Dances With Wolves” remake.

Reserve your copy today from my Amazon store.  I promise you it’s one of the cheapest places you’ll find it, I’m not just trying to be a schill.  “Pandora, I can’t wait to see you!”  The rest of you should check out the video below to remember the world of Pandora for yourselves, or take your first glimpse.


You’ve been sold…


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