Those that have played Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve may have imagined an online multiplayer mode being implemented, with all the joys of an online multiplayer survival experience. However,  Klei Entertainment shot those dreams down soon after the game’s release, stating that their primary goal was delivering the best single-player experience possible. Up until now, fans have had to live with that fact, while enjoying Don’t Starve’s entertaining single-player mode.

Klei Entertainment have said they added some new staff members to their team who believed multiplayer could be a possibility. Now it seems that multiplayer is going to be an official addition to Don’t Starve, with the developers believing that they can support 2-4 players online simultaneously.

There isn’t a specific release date yet but the developers are aiming to get multiplayer ‘in your hands’ late this summer. For those that have already purchased the game the multiplayer expansion is said to be free, but the price for the game itself will rise to $19.99. Don’t Starve is currently available on PC, OS X, and Linux on Steam or as standalone.


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