Don’t Starve Together Coming To Steam Early Access Next Week

Klei Entertainment has just announced that Don’t Starve Together, the standalone online multiplayer version of Don’t Starve, will be hitting Steam Early Access on the 15th of December in the form of the ‘Frontier Pack’.

The Frontier Pack will cost $19.99 for those that don’t own Don’t Starve on Steam. The pack will include a copy of Don’t Starve and two copies of Don’t Starve Together, presumably to share with a friend. For those that do own Don’t Starve on Steam, the pack will only cost $4.99.

Closed beta codes are still being sent out by Klei Entertainment, but due to the high demand for keys, and many being sold/bought through various back channels, Klei Entertainment has decided to open the valve and let everyone have a chance at playing. The Frontier Pack is a way for everyone to officially try out Don’t Starve Together.

Currently Don’t Starve Together is only for PC, but Klei Entertainment say they are ‘investigating’ the possibility of porting the game over to the PlayStation 4 and Vita.


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