Don’t Worry Han Solo In This Scenario You Didn’t Shoot First

Honestly, I’d say this post and subsequent video will only make sense to about .1% of the world’s population.  This will only make sense to serious Star Wars geeks.  Basically, there’s always been a controversy over Han Solo and his blasting of Greedo in “A New Hope”.  Before George F’d it up with the special edition, Han very clearly capped Greedo first.

I’ve never really understood the controversy, and I believe it spawned out of the special editions, because Lucas added some cheap ass looking laser bolt that looks like it flies out of thin air from Greedo’s direction.  I guess this was done to make it look like Han was defending himself rather than just blasting bounty hunters for sh*ts and giggles.  Like I said, it really is a ridiculous controversy but that’s why we love fanboys.  They can turn the most mundane crap into Star Wars lore.  Hell, I even own a T-shirt that says “Han shot first”, so I think you get my point.

Some fans have taken this argument to a whole new level with a short little clip that deals with Han and Luke’s attempt to save Leia on the Death Star.  If you remember, Han ends up blasting the control panel in the detention block after they get found out over the radio.  In this scenario, Han again shoots first even though it’s at a lifeless object.  Well, this video makes the case that maybe Han didn’t shoot first after-all in that detention block on the O.G. Death Star.  You’ll crack a smile if you’re a SW geek, trust me.  Check it out below.  You’ve been reading crap straight from a Star Wars nerd’s brain…


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