DOOM VFR’s Launch Trailer – Play With Demon Guts IRL

DOOM VFR will cause hair to grow on every inch of your body and you’ll cry blood instead of tears for the rest of your life.

I mean, that’s just an assumption, really, but judging from the launch trailer of the game, it seems pretty reasonable. The game definitely takes advantage of VR by not just being the same game as before, but rather a somewhat new experience canonically. Of course, you probably don’t care too much about that and really care about tearing demons apart.

The one thing that I’m not really seeing much of are the glory kills from the original game that made it so satisfying. I may be overstepping my boundaries, but that sounds like something that would sell the game alone for VR. Who doesn’t want to rip an Imp’s jaws apart with their own two hands, seriously? Check out the launch trailer above and let us know what you think about the game!

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Nathaniel Smyth

The author Nathaniel Smyth

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