Doomfist is Here and We’ve Got Your Overview from ‘Overwatch’

Doomfist has  been there from the beginning, though originally he was just a name and a gauntlet. Of course, you’re going to wonder who he is though, an eventually all of this gets back to the developers. All of the intrigue from the community truly brought this heavy duty brawler to life. They started on the model, and his story, and now we finally have a finished character.

This video from Overwatch creators, gives us some inside info on Doomfist. For instance, he doesn’t see himself as a villian, he cares about perpetuating strength and honor, where other people see him has a terror. He’s a powerful presence on the battlefield, and in the right hands he can be a destructive force. If that’s not impressive, just think about the fact that he’s an incredibly effective melee character in a mainly first person shooter. Give the video a peek and get excited, because on July 27th, Doomfist will come smashing into Overwatch on PC.

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