No name in gaming carries more clout than Doom. iD Software’s first-person shooter revolutionized the video game industry decades ago, and its effects can still be seen all these years later.

Tonight, at Bethesda’s first ever E3 conference, iD software’s DOOM — the first entry in the series since the less-than stellar Doom 3 — was put on display, giving the gaming world their first real look into the frenetic FPS.

I am happy to report that DOOM looks to carry on the tradition of its namesake.

In the DOOM gameplay trailer, which can be seen above, gore, giblets and shotgun shells fly with reckless abandon. There is a certain sense of speed on display as well, signaling that DOOM will more than likely place serious emphasis on player movement and awareness as they attempt to destroy the spawn of hell.

DOOM certainly doesn’t seem to shy away from the violence, but it looks awesome in doing so.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, iD Software’s icing on the cake came late in the gameplay trailer, with the reveal of two old friends — a hulking Cyberdemon and the BFG.

Additionally, DOOM will give players the ability to create their own maps by using simple “snapping” pieces, allowing anyone to go from amateur demon slayers to professional architects in to time at all.

Stay tuned for more DOOM deatails as they become available.


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